Sublime 2 freezes on SublimeREPL: Shell in Ubuntu 12.04 #305

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Ubuntu 12.04.3
Sublime Text 2 Build 2221
SublimeREPL v2.1.1 installed via Package Control

REPLs other than Shell work as expected.

Contents of ~/.config/sublime-text-2/Packages/SublimeREPL/config/Shell/Main.sublime-menu:


        "id": "tools",
            "caption": "SublimeREPL",
            "mnemonic": "r",
            "id": "SublimeREPL",
                {"command": "repl_open", 
                 "caption": "Shell",
                 "id": "repl_shell",
                 "mnemonic": "s",
                 "args": {
                    "type": "subprocess",
                    "encoding": {"windows": "$win_cmd_encoding",
                                 "linux": "utf-8",
                                 "osx": "utf-8"},
                    "cmd": {"windows": ["cmd.exe"],
                            "linux": ["bash", "-i"],
                            "osx": ["bash", "-i"]},
                    "cwd": "$file_path",
                    "cmd_postfix": "\n", 
                    "env": {},
                    "suppress_echo": true, 
                    "external_id": "shell",
                    "syntax": "Packages/Text/Plain text.tmLanguage"

Contents of ~/.config/sublime-text-2/Packages/SublimeREPL/config/Shell/Default.sublime-commands:

        "caption": "SublimeREPL: Shell",
        "command": "run_existing_window_command", "args":
            "id": "repl_shell",
            "file": "config/Shell/Main.sublime-menu"

I am experiencing the same problem. In fact it makes the system almost entirely unresponsive aside from the cursor. I have to switch tty and SIGTERM xinit. Sublime and some other graphical processes end up only responding to SIGKILL. Other REPLs work fine.

SublimeREPL 2.1.2
Sublime Text 3.3083-2
bash 4.3.042-3
Arch Linux

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