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How to specify key binding or macro to launch an SBT REPL? #308

mslinn opened this Issue · 2 comments

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The menu selections to do this are: Tools / Sublime REPL / Scala / SBT for opened folder, then type console to enter the SBT REPL which has the full classpath of the project. Assuming that it is possible to define a user key binding for this, what would it look like?

Even better, a key binding for splitting the Sublime window horizontally and then starting the REPL in the bottom pane should do the following:

1) ⌘ - shift - 2 ( enter 2 row mode)
2) Somehow select the bottom pane
3) Start the Scala REPL in the bottom pane using menu items Tools / Sublime REPL / Scala / SBT for opened folder
4) Type 'console' to start evaluation, or ~console to cause re-evaluation upon exit

Suggestions on how this might be accomplished?



PS: The Ctrl, key bindings work, but it takes a lot of keystrokes to get the SBT console running first.


Hi @mslinn

a keybinding to start scala repl can be defined as shown in this file: a "run_existing_window_command" is what you're looking for.

If you've got this setting enabled (open_repl_in_group): and SublimeText split into at least two rows/columns REPL views should be placed in the inactive group.

Let me know if it helps.



I don't see a key binding in Default.sublime-commands. This is all I see for run_existing_window_command:

    "caption": "SublimeREPL: Scala",
    "command": "run_existing_window_command", "args":
        "id": "repl_scala",
        "file": "config/Scala/Main.sublime-menu"

Also, none of the steps (1..4) I listed are performed by the command. How can I set this up with a key binding?



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