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Getting the error WindowsError(2, 'The system cannot find the file specified.')

I've tried tinkering with the Main.sublime-menu, but kinda uncertain what path I should be putting so i used variations of C:\Program Files (x86)\MIT-GNU Scheme\bin\mit-scheme.exe, including without mit-scheme.exe and using "" (double) instead of just "" (since that's what was being accepted by sublime which was what i used to edit the file), and also unsure at what point in the Main.sublime-menu I should be altering.

I've read similar solutions, but they're usually in mac where you can easily type which scheme onto the console to get the file path of scheme, so I'm thinking it has to do with me not knowing my correct file path or something?

Recently I've reinstalled MIT-GNU Scheme into the c drive as C:\Scheme, hoping this would do something (which it did not, lol). I've put this in Main.sublime-menu as under "extend_env": {"PATH":"{PATH}:c:\Scheme"}. I've also tried "windows": ["c:\Scheme"], and i've also placed it under the sublimeREPL.sublime-settings file under default_extend_env, also to no avail. Any ideas?


+1 here

When I try "Tools > SublimeREPL > Scheme > Scheme" as mentioned in , I get the error "AttributeError(NoneType object has to attribute 'encode')"

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