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error: WindowsError(5, 'Access is denied.') #41

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With the recent version of SublimeREPL (v1.0.31) on Sublime Text 2 (Windows 7 32-bit), I am always getting the error "error: WindowsError(5, 'Access is denied.')", whenever I try to run Python REPL or Node REPL. I have not tried REPLs of other languages.

This problem was not happening with the previous version of SublimeREPL. Even after uninstalling, rebooting Windows 7 and installing SublimeREPL, this WindowsError is repeatedly coming. In other words it is no longer possible to use SublimeREPL on Windows 7 32-bit with Sublime Text 2. I have to uninstall SublimeREPL v1.0.31 for good.

I have always used SublimeREPL through Please provide the previous version in


OK. I was able to reproduce this problem. Basically it seems that non admin accounts on Win7 are unable to launch any repl. For now please use from here and I'll try to fix it ASAP.


Thank you for your support. For now, I am using SublimeREPL 1.0.20. I look forward to your fix.

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@wuub Fix issue #41 WindowsError(5, 'Access is denied.') at the cost of bri…
…nging back runaway processes bug :/
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1.0.32 should show up in Package Control very soon.

Keep in mind that what this fix also reintroduces runaway process problem for non-admin users on Windows. If you're using Python or Node, you're OK, but anyone launching REPLs that use *.bat files (irb, clojure, ...) should try to get admin rights instead.

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should try to get admin rights instead.

Which folders should have admin rights? For example, should the corresponding Python or Clojure installation folder have admin rights?


I was able to reproduce this problem when ST2 was started in the context of non Administrator user (Shift, RightClick -> Run as user...). But willy1234x1 is reporting, that user with administrator rights can experiencing similar problem, so it might not be the main reason.


I guess that you may be right. Does killableprocess require only administrative rights? Otherwise, why do you require that ST2 should be started as an Administrative user?


Does killableprocess require only administrative rights?

To be honest, I'm not sure. On Linux/OSX killableprocess uses process groups and then issues .killpg() instead of simple .kill() w/o any additional rights required. On windows things looks a bit different, you have to create a Job object and assign processes to it to kill them reliably.

why do you require that ST2 should be started as an Administrative user

It seems that for some users (right now my best bet is that it's connected with being local admin) creating a job (windll.kernel32.CreateJobObjectW()) fails with WindowsError(5, 'Access is denied.').

FWIW 1.0.32 doesn't require any additional rights, killable process first checks if it will be able to create Job object and fallbacks to a simpler version instead of dying with WindowsError. It's not ideal but at least it works.

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Access Denied Error on Windows 7 64 bit as Admin User #132

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