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Plugin for Sublime Text 2/3 providing autocompletion, syntax highlight and easy version management in requirements.txt files.


Install using Package Control or clone this repository into Packages/requirementstxt folder (WARNING: previously we used a dot in the package name here, but SublimeText3 changed the way it imports packages, and we need to fall back to ascii name)


  • Open any requirements.txt file or Set syntax: requirements.txt of newly created file.
  • Start typing package name -> autocompletion should trigger automatically.
  • When cursor is placed on a single line, press Alt+, to pin package to the most recent version but still in the current major line. For example, if the current version of xyz is 1.2.3, requirements.txt will generate following version line: xyz>=1.2.3,<2.0.0 following
  • If you wish to hard pin most recent versions, use Alt+Shift+, -> line will be replaced with xyz==1.2.3
  • If you wish to pin a specific version, press Alt+. (soft) or Alt+Shift+. (hard) and pick a version from a quick panel.
  • Commands with , support mutliline and multicursor selections. If you wish to bring requirements.txt file up to date, just Ctrl+A & Alt+Shift+.
  • Using requirements.txt also normalizes package names, so mysql-python becomes MySQL-python.


  • Autocomplete
  • Completed
  • Select exact version for soft pin Alt+.
  • Select exact version for hard pin Alt+Shift+.
  • Automatically soft pin most recent version Alt+,
  • Automatically hard pin most recent version Alt+Shift+,
  • Multi-line selection
  • Multi-line selection & Alt+,
  • Multiple cursors
  • Multiple cursor & Alt+Shift+,