A super lightweight framework, to get projects going.
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Created by the @marketmesuite team. An open source project. Please feel free to fork this project and improve it. http://marketmesuite.com/

NOTE: This framework is not ready to use yet. It's still being set up. Only download if you are looking to contribute to the project.


  • Login Module
  • Base classes for frequently used stuff (nothing too heavy).
  • Icon set (awesome icon set)
  • Stylesheet / stylesheet page. Probably bootstrap.


A super lightweight framework, to get projects going, but not heavy enough that you need to learn how it works. Just 'Download & Go!'.


  • Not a heavy framework for php, like cake, codeigniter etc. Anyone should be able to pick this up without reading doucmentation.
  • Provide a sensible structure in which to build new applications
  • Provide a set of resources, icons, style sheets, to get started fast.
  • Adhere to MVC (model view controller) principles as well as possible.
  • Provide a secure, default login page in which to get started
  • Modulize the app from the start allowing furhter integrations later.
  • No database bias, let the user decide what database they want to use.
  • Include a few lightweight, easy to use classes, but nothing that bogs you down trying to learn a new framework.