My legacy work for my bachelor thesis. But it was sort of master piece.
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Copyright 2009 Wu Xingbo <>


ADL is a language and a tool for simulating cycle-based synchronized digital system.

This is my legacy master piece for my bechelor thesis, May 2009.
Then I still did some improvement utill Dec 2009.


with ADL you can:
* describe a digital system with a synchronized clock.
* logic-component/cyclic-component. (like verilog's combinational logic/timing logic)
* using C-language to write the behavior in components.
* using declarative language (ADL, like a HDL) to describe the system connection topology.
* compile it to pure C then to a real simulator.
    So you get a pure compiled simulator with a promissable speed.
* a GTK-based GUI debugging interface. It's very convenient to use.
* generates dot file of a system-topology for Graphviz. you can see a picture of system.
* generates verilog code for all connections between components. 
    (You still have write verilog code inside the component.)
* generates wave file for gtkwave. (with only one click-on-the-button).

Getting Start
See .adl files in test folder. them try to compile and run it.
(you really need to try how to use the adl-compiler).
If you can compile it, you should keep some internal files (with some compiler options), and see what happened.
See the code transformation and the source code. there will be enough info. to learn how it work.

Last method:

Sorry for being RAW

Sorry for not have too much english docs. I did't had time to maintain that.

TODO: I haven't compiled the tool for almost 2 years.
      I should make sure that it can still work.