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iCESugar is a FPGA board made by MuseLab, which is base on Lattice iCE40UP5k, on board peripherals include RGB LED,Switch,TYPE-C-USB, Micro-USB,most IO out with standard PMOD interface
the on board debugger iCELink (base on ARM Mbed DAPLink) support drag-and-drop program, you can just drag the FPGA bitstream into the virtual disk to program, iCELink also support USB CDC serial port and JTAG
iCESugar is the first board of iCESugar series FPGA Board, iCESugar-nano(base on Lattice iCE40LP1k) and iCESugar-pro(base on Lattice ECP5) are already released for difference needs. icesugar_1



  1. 5280 Logic Cells (4-LUT + Carry + FF)
  2. 128 KBit Dual-Port Block RAM
  3. 1 MBit (128 KB) Single-Port RAM
  4. PLL, Two SPI and two I2C hard IPs
  5. Two internal oscillators (10 kHz and 48 MHz)
  6. 8 DSPs (16x16 multiply + 32 bit accumulate)
  7. 3x 24mA drive and 3x hard PWM IP
  8. SPI Flash use W25Q64 (8MB)
  9. on board switch and RGB LED
  10. all IO out with standard PMOD Interface


iCESugar has a on board debugger named iCELink (base on STM32F1),you can only use one USB wire to program the FPGA and debug, here is detail:

  1. drag-and-drop program, just drop the bitstream into the virtual USB DISK iCELink, then wait a few second, the iCELink firmware will do the total program work
  2. USB CDC serial port, it can use to communicate with FPGA
  3. support JTAG, you can use it to debug the SoC run on FPGA
  4. the MCO can provide 12Mhz clock for FPGA as extern clock.


verify code:6gn3
user: ubuntu
passwd: ubuntu

the env include yosys, nextpnr, icestorm, gcc, sbt.


recommand use the virtual machine, it simple and convenient
FPGA toolchain reference icestorm
gcc toolchain reference riscv-gnu-toolchain
Alternatively, you can download the pre-built toolchain provided by xPack or SiFive

icesprog is command tool for iCESugar program,it depend libusb and hidapi
$sudo apt-get install libhidapi-dev
$sudo apt-get install libusb-1.0-0-dev


you can buy iCESugar and PMOD boards from our offcial aliexpress shop Muse Lab Factory Store


RTL toolchain

Firmware toolchain



iCESugar introduce