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19 lines (14 sloc) 1.399 kb do |s| = 'active_olap'
# Do not update version and date by hand: this will be done automatically.
s.version = "0.0.6" = "2010-01-29"
s.summary = "Extend ActiveRecord with OLAP query functionality."
s.description = "Extends ActiveRecord with functionality to perform OLAP queries on your data. Includes helper method to ease displaying the results."
s.authors = ['Willem van Bergen'] = ['']
s.homepage = ''
# Do not update files and test_files by hand: this will be done automatically.
s.files = %w(spec/unit/cube_spec.rb spec/spec_helper.rb lib/active_olap/configurator.rb test/helper_modules_test.rb .gitignore test/active_olap_test.rb lib/active_olap/helpers/table_helper.rb lib/active_olap/helpers/display_helper.rb lib/active_olap/dimension.rb active_olap.gemspec MIT-LICENSE lib/active_olap/category.rb lib/active_olap.rb init.rb Rakefile spec/integration/active_olap_spec.rb lib/active_olap/test/assertions.rb README.rdoc tasks/github-gem.rake lib/active_olap/helpers/form_helper.rb lib/active_olap/helpers/chart_helper.rb test/helper.rb lib/active_olap/cube.rb lib/active_olap/aggregate.rb)
s.test_files = %w(spec/unit/cube_spec.rb test/helper_modules_test.rb test/active_olap_test.rb spec/integration/active_olap_spec.rb)
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