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Add a note about queueing and parallelism to the README file.

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@@ -38,6 +38,16 @@ connection = Vertica.connect host: 'localhost', user: "me", password: 'secret',
throw err if err
+*Note:* the `connect` will establish a single connection. A connection can only execute
+one query at the time. Due to the evented nature of node.js, it is possible to start a new
+query while another query is still running. This library implements a simple queueing
+system that will run queries serially.
+If you want parallelism, you will need multiple connections to your server. You can set up
+connection pooling fairly easily using the `generic-pool` library. Note that transactions
+cannot be shared between multiple connections; you need to use the same connection for all
+queries in the transaction and run them in serial.
### Querying (buffered)
Running a buffered query will assemble the result in memory and call the callback

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