Native mixin to speed up ChunkyPNG.
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OilyPNG Build Status

OilyPNG is a Ruby C extension to speed up the pure Ruby ChunkyPNG library. It is a standalone module, so it does not require LibPNG, ImageMagick or any other library. Currently it has an alternative implementation of decoding and encoding PNGs, making these operations much faster, especially for PNG images that apply filtering.

Performance comparison:

Warning: this is my first C code in years. It may blow up your PC after leaking memory all over the place, killing a kitten in the process. You have been warned.


  1. First install the gem and make it available to your project.

  2. Use require “oily_png” instead of require “chunky_png”

  3. Presto! Now use ChunkyPNG as you normally would and get an instant speedup.

See for more information on how to use the ChunkyPNG API.


License: MIT (see LICENSE)

This C module is written by Willem van Bergen with help from Dirkjan Bussink.