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Ottawa Garbage Collection

This application lets you type in an Ottawa address to find out when your trash/recycling/compost needs to go out to the curb.

Check it out at


Written in the hopes that the government & citizens of Ottawa can together make garbage collection be more efficient than Ruby's.


This application is written as part of the OpenDataOttawa initiative (see and out of frustration by the awkwardness of the UI of the official application of the city (

Thanks to Edward Ocampo-Gooding for the idea of this application, the City of Ottawa for letting is scrape their data, and Heroku for hosting the application.

Bootstrapping the application

This application requires a database of street names and numbers, matched to a trash pickup schedule, and the actual schedules as iCalendar files to run correctly. You can build this database by issuing a rake task:

rake bootstrap
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