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Create reports based on your log files. Supports Rails, Apache, MySQL, Delayed::Job, and other formats.

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This is a simple command line tool to analyze request log files of both Rails and Merb to produce a performance report. Its purpose is to find what actions are best candidates for optimization.

  • Analyzes Rails log files (all versions), Merb logs, or any other log format

  • Can combine multiple files (handy if you are using logrotate)

  • Uses several metrics, including cumulative request time, average request time, process blockers, database and rendering time, HTTP methods and statuses, Rails action cache statistics, etc.) (Sample output:

  • Low memory footprint (server-safe)

  • Fast

  • MIT licensed

Request log analyzer was designed and built by Willem van Bergen and Bart ten Brinke.


Install request-log-analyzer as a Ruby gem:

$ sudo gem install request-log-analyzer

Alternatively, use the gem from the GitHub gem server:

$ sudo gem install wvanbergen-request-log-analyzer --source

To get the best results out of request-log-analyzer, make sure to set up logging correctly: for your application.


To analyze a log file and produce a performance report, run request-log-analyzer like this:

$ request-log-analyzer log/production.log

For more details and available command line options, see the project's wiki:

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