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Request-log-analyzer (r-l-a) is a command line tool to analyze request log files. Its purpose is to find what requests are best candidates for optimization. It parses the provided log files and aggregates the parsed information to build a performance report. See Sample output for an example of this report.

Use the issues tracker, or send me a message on my GitHub account if you have questions, ideas, feature requests, bug reports, etc. Or, read some Testimonials of our users and send one in yourself!

Designed and written by Bart ten Brinke (github, twitter) & Willem van Bergen (github, twitter)

Supported file formats

File format Command line option
Rails request log --format rails, --format rails3, or use --rails-format <format> for more parsing options for Rails 2
Merb request log --format merb
Rack CommonLogger log --format rack
DelayedJob log --format delayed_job
Apache access log --apache-format <format string>
Amazon S3 access log --format amazon_s3
MySQL slow query log --format mysql
NGINX log --format nginx
PostgreSQL query log --format postgresql
Oink log --format oink
HAProxy httplog format --format haproxy

Moreover, you can easily create your own file formats easily or adapt one of the out-of-the-box formats for your own needs. See Creating your own file format definition for more information and instructions.

For the built-in formats, request-log-analyzer auto-detects the file format for you, so you do not have to specify a --format command line option. You can always do so if the auto-detection fails.

Getting started

Use RubyGems to install request-log-analyzer on your computer:

$ gem install request-log-analyzer

Now you can run request-log-analyzer to analyze a log file:

$ request-log-analyzer log/production.log


Integration with third-party tools

Additional information

  • Check out CONTRINBUTING.rdoc if you want to help out on this project.
  • CHANGELOG.rdoc documents what has changed over the different releases.
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