POC, written in Java, with examples of spatial queries against Elasticsearch.
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Elasticsearch Spatial Queries POC


This project has been designed/developed as a POC. Focus of the POC is to test some Spatial Queries against Elasticsearch (ES).
For this POC, we use the RestHighLevelClient and rely entirely on REST.
Code has been written in Java 9. Feel free to spot the usage of JDK 9 syntax and to downgrade to Java 8 if necessary.
You can find 3 following types of Spatial Queries:

  • retrieve objects within certain distance
  • retrieve communes within rectangle/BoundingBox
  • retrieve communes within a polygon (implemented as a unit test)

Running the project

Running application locally

Boot a recent version of ES (preferably version 6.1.1)
mvn spring-boot:run -Dserver.port=8090




Base uri to access actuator endpoint: http://localhost:8090/admin.

JMX / Jolokia

Base uri to access Jolokia endpoint: http://localhost:8090/admin/jolokia.

Websites of interest