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@@ -4,37 +4,4 @@ jQuery TimePicker plugin
A jQuery plugin to enhance standard form input fields helping users to select
(or type) times.
- # Include jquery.timepicker.js file.
- # Include jquery.timepicker.css file.
- # Initialize the plugin when the DOM is ready:
- $(document).ready(function(){
- $('input.timepicker').timepicker({});
- });
-- timeFormat: this is the format of time string displayed in the input field and
- the menu items in the combobox. Available modifiers are: h, hh, H, HH, m, mm, s, ss, p
-- minTime: a Date object. Only the time parts (getHours, getMinutes) of the
- object are important. Time entries before minTime won't be displayed/allowed.
-- minHour: int. Ignored if minTime is set.
-- minMinutes: int. Ignored if minTime is set.
-- maxTime: a Date object. Time entries after maxTime won't be displayed.
-- maxHour: int. Ignored if maxTime is set.
-- maxMinutes: int. Ignored if maxTime is set.
-- starTime: a Date object. The time of the first item in the combobox when the
- input field is empty. If the input field is not empty the first item will be
- the next allowed time entry.
-- startHour: int. Ignored if startTime is set.
-- startMinutes: int. Ignored if startTime is set.
-- interval: int. Time separation in minutes between each time entry.
-- zindex: the zindex for the dropdown menu. If not present, uses the offsetParent's zindex.
-- change: a function called when the value of the input field changes. A Date
- object with the selected time is passed to the callback.
- function(time) { ... }
+Plase visit for a more detailed list of features and options.

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