[Feedback] Time increments should not change with inputted time. #89

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I think it would make more sense if dropdown times remain the same even when user enters a custom time, such as 2:34 PM.

For example, say you have increments of 60 and default time of 11. The drop down would should you:

11:00 AM
12:00 PM
01:00 PM

and so on. Looks okay.

However, if the user types in 1:15 PM then the drop down changes to:

2:15 PM
3:15 PM
4:15 PM

and so on. Still looks okay.

This is further highlighted when the user types in a "not so good looking" time such as 2:34 PM. Then the dropdown displays:

3:34 PM
4:34 PM
5:34 PM

and so on. How likely am I to pick 4:34 PM?

Although completely opinionated, I would think it makes more sense that they stay the original 2PM, 3PM, instead of 3:34PM which I think a user would be very unlikely to pick.

Thanks for reading!

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