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Specify the character encoding for the HTML document using meta tag. Allowing us to display special caracters into the words cloud.
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Easy Word Cloud using D3

There is an amazing D3 wordcloud plugin for creating beautiful wordclouds. But it's not trivial for everyone to put it to use. This plugin makes it easy to create such a wordcloud.


A simple html page with a wordcloud might contain:

    <title>Word Cloud</title>
    <script src="lib/d3/d3.js"></script>
    <script src="lib/d3/"></script>
    <script src="d3.wordcloud.js"></script>
    <div id='wordcloud'></div>
        .size([800, 400])
        .words([{text: 'word', size: 5}, {text: 'cloud', size: 15}])

That's all! The following properties are accepted:

  • selector() which css selector to create the wordcloud on
  • element() an element instead of the previous selector
  • scale() a d3 scale for sizing words, e.g. sqrt, log or linear
  • fill() a d3 scale for coloring words, e.g. d3.scale.category20b()
  • transitionDuration() how many milliseconds a resize transation takes

In addition to this, the following d3-cloud properties are accepted:

  • size() dimensions [width, height]
  • words() array of {text: 'word', size: 1} hashes
  • font()
  • fontStyle()
  • fontWeight()
  • spiral(), which can be archimedean or rectangular
  • padding()


  • onwordclick(function(d,i)) provide your own function to call when a word is clicked
.onwordclick(function(d, i) {
  window.location = "" + d.text;