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jGridstart Tests

Test-related modules

In this maven-ised build, two modules are related to tests. jgridstart-tests gathers all test classes (the parent POM, in module mvn-parent, specifies that test JARs are built by default) with dependencies in a single JAR. This is different from jgridstart-small, which omits test classes and their dependencies to minimise the filesize. Then there is a module testrunner, which is meant to provide a graphical user-interface to run unit tests at end users (see Testrunner).

At this moment, it is possible to run all tests from the command-line. Before running the following commands, you need to have run mvn install on the parent project (top directory) so that jGridstart is available in the local Maven repository (usually ~/.m2). From this directory, run:

mvn package
# using the JUnit test runner (recommended, for more output)
java -cp target/jgridstart-tests-x.y.jar org.junit.runner.JUnitCore nl.nikhef.AllTests
# or directly, if you insist
java -jar target/jgridstart-tests-x.y.jar 

This will run console tests, graphical user-interface tests, and the full graphical walkthrough simulation (same as automated screenshots generation).

To run these tests on a different location, where no Maven may be present, one needs to have both the jgridstart-tests JAR and the BouncyCastle provider JAR present.

Running tests using Maven

It is also possible to run tests using Maven directly, mainly useful during development. By default, only console tests are being executed. One reason is that they take a lot of time, another that they require full control over the user's graphical interface. Also, results from running graphical user-interface tests (including the walkthrough test) are often not fully reproducable. Timing (including Java runtime cache behaviour) and window focus issues are likely to be at work here (this is the reason why they are not enabled in the Travis-CI continuous integration tests; it should technically be possible, however).

To just run the console tests, run:

mvn test

To run the graphical tests as well, enable the guiTests profile (as defined in module mvn-parent):

mvn -DguiTests test

Using your graphical user-interface (like moving the mouse or pressing keys on the keyboard) will affect testing, so please wait until they're done.

Automated screenshots test

The class nl.nikhef.jgridstart.gui.util.ScreenshotsGuitest contains a test and main program to test the complete program flow, from creating a new request, to renewal and import/export. This test works on a temporary .globus directory and so does not affect the user's data. This class can be run directly from jgridstart-main's (or jgridstart.bat on Windows) supplying it the -screenshots screenshot_dir arguments.


In earlier versions of jGridstart, there used to be a GUI testing application which would run all unit tests and upload the results. This has helped enormously in debugging platform-specific user problems (there is quite some platform-specific behaviour, for example in the osutils and browsers modules).

With the move to the Maven build system, this functionality has not been fully restored. There has been little incentive, since most of those issues have been solved. Nevertheless, it is still useful to be able to easily run the full test suite on a given computer, which is explained earlier in this document.

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