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unicorn 0.93.5
This release fixes a regression introduced in 0.93.3 where
timed-out worker processes run a chance of not being killed off
at all if they're hung.  While it's not ever advisable to have
requests take a long time, we realize it's easy to fix
everything :)

Eric Wong (3):
      TODO: remove --kill
      fix reliability of timeout kills
      TODO: update for next version (possibly 1.0-pre)


unicorn 0.93.4
This release mainly works around BSD stdio compatibility issues
that affect at least FreeBSD and OS X.  While this issues was
documented and fixed in [ruby-core:26300][1], no production
release of MRI 1.8 has it, and users typically upgrade MRI more
slowly than gems.  This issue does NOT affect 1.9 users.  Thanks
to Vadim Spivak for reporting and testing this issue and Andrey
Stikheev for the fix.

Additionally there are small documentation bits, one error
handling improvement, and one minor change that should improve
reliability of signal delivery.

Andrey Stikheev (1):
      workaround FreeBSD/OSX IO bug for large uploads

Eric Wong (7):
      DESIGN: address concerns about on-demand and thundering herd
      README: alter reply conventions for the mailing list
      configurator: stop testing for non-portable listens
      KNOWN_ISSUES: document Rack gem issue w/Rails 2.3.2
      stop continually resends signals during shutdowns
      add news bodies to site NEWS.atom.xml
      configurator: fix broken example in RDoc

Suraj N. Kurapati (1):
      show configuration file path in errors instead of '(eval)'



unicorn 0.93.3
This release fixes compatibility with OpenBSD (and possibly
other Unices with stricter fchmod(2) implementations) thanks to
Jeremy Evans.  Additionally there are small documentation
changes all around.

Eric Wong (12):
      doc: expand on the SELF_PIPE description
      fchmod heartbeat flips between 0/1 for compatibility
      examples/ remove "set -u"
      configurator: update with nginx fail_timeout=0 example
      PHILOSOPHY: clarify experience other deployments
      PHILOSOPHY: plug the Rainbows! spin-off project
      README: remove unnecessary and extraneous dash
      DESIGN: clarification and possibly improve HTML validity
      README: remove the "non-existent" part
      README: emphasize the "fast clients"-only part
      drop the whitespace cleaner for Ragel->C
      unicorn 0.93.3


unicorn 0.93.2
Avoid truncated POST bodies from with URL-encoded forms in Rails
by switching TeeInput to use read-in-full semantics (only) when
a Content-Length: header exists.  Chunked request bodies
continue to exhibit readpartial semantics to support
simultaneous bidirectional chunking.

The lack of return value checking in Rails to protect against a
short is entirely reasonable even if not
pedantically correct.  Most implementations
return the full amount requested except right before EOF.

Also there are some minor documentation improvements.

Eric Wong (8):
      Fix NEWS generation on single-paragraph tag messages
      Include GPLv2 in docs
      doc: make it clear contributors retain copyrights
      TODO: removed Rainbows! (see
      Document the START_CTX hash contents
      more-compatible TeeInput#read for POSTs with Content-Length
      tests for read-in-full vs readpartial semantics
      unicorn 0.93.2


unicorn 0.93.1
Fix permissions for release tarballs/gems, no other changes.
Thanks to Jay Reitz for reporting this.


unicorn 0.93.0
The one minor bugfix is only for Rails 2.3.x+ users who set the
RAILS_RELATIVE_URL_ROOT environment variable in a config file.
Users of the "--path" switch or those who set the environment
variable in the shell were unaffected by this bug.  Note that we
still don't have relative URL root support for Rails < 2.3, and
are unlikely to bother with it unless there is visible demand
for it.

New features includes support for :tries and :delay when
specifying a "listen" in an after_fork hook.  This was inspired
by Chris Wanstrath's example of binding per-worker listen
sockets in a loop while migrating (or upgrading) Unicorn.
Setting a negative value for :tries means we'll retry the listen
indefinitely until the socket becomes available.

So you can do something like this in an after_fork hook:

    after_fork do |server, worker|
      addr = "{9293 +}"
      server.listen(addr, :tries => -1, :delay => 5)

There's also the usual round of added documentation, packaging
fixes, code cleanups, small fixes and minor performance
improvements that are viewable in the "git log" output.

Eric Wong (55):
      build: hardcode the canonical git URL
      build: manifest dropped manpages
      build: smaller ChangeLog
      doc/LATEST: remove trailing newline
      http: don't force -fPIC if it can't be used
      .gitignore on *.rbc files Rubinius generates
      README/gemspec: a better description, hopefully
      GNUmakefile: add missing .manifest dep on test installs
      Add HACKING document
      configurator: fix user switch example in RDoc time and perms enforcement
      unicorn_rails: show "RAILS_ENV" in help message
      gemspec: compatibility with older Rubygems
      Split out KNOWN_ISSUES document
      KNOWN_ISSUES: add notes about the "isolate" gem
      gemspec: fix test_files regexp match
      gemspec: remove tests that fork from test_files
      test_signals: ensure we can parse pids in response
      GNUmakefile: cleanup test/manifest generation
      util: remove APPEND_FLAGS constant
      http_request: simplify and remove handle_body method
      http_response: simplify and remove const dependencies fix .js times
      TUNING: notes about benchmarking a high :backlog
      HttpServer#listen accepts :tries and :delay parameters
      "make install" avoids installing multiple .so objects
      Use Configurator#expand_addr in HttpServer#listen
      configurator: move initialization stuff to #initialize
      Remove "Z" constant for binary strings
      cgi_wrapper: don't warn about stdoutput usage
      cgi_wrapper: simplify status handling in response
      cgi_wrapper: use Array#concat instead of +=
      server: correctly unset reexec_pid on child death
      configurator: update and modernize examples
      configurator: add colons in front of listen() options
      configurator: remove DEFAULT_LOGGER constant
      gemspec: clarify commented-out licenses section
      Add makefile targets for non-release installs
      cleanup: use question mark op for 1-byte comparisons
      RDoc for Unicorn::HttpServer::Worker
      small cleanup to pid file handling + documentation
      rails: RAILS_RELATIVE_URL_ROOT may be set in Unicorn config
      unicorn_rails: undeprecate --path switch
      manpages: document environment variables
      README: remove reference to different versions
      Avoid a small window when a pid file can be empty
      configurator: update some migration examples
      configurator: listen :delay must be Numeric
      test: don't rely on .manifest for test install
      SIGNALS: state that we stole semantics from nginx
      const: DEFAULT_PORT as a string doesn't make sense
      test_helper: unused_port rejects 8080 unconditionally
      GNUmakefile: SINCE variable may be unset
      tests: GIT-VERSION-GEN is a test install dependency
      unicorn 0.93.0


unicorn 0.92.0
Small fixes and documentation are the focus of this release.

James Golick reported and helped me track down a bug that caused
SIGHUP to drop the default listener ( if and only
if listeners were completely unspecified in both the
command-line and Unicorn config file.  The Unicorn config file
remains the recommended option for specifying listeners as it
allows fine-tuning of the :backlog, :rcvbuf, :sndbuf,
:tcp_nopush, and :tcp_nodelay options.

There are some documentation (and resulting website)
improvements.  setup.rb users will notice the new section 1
manpages for `unicorn` and `unicorn_rails`, Rubygems users
will have to install manpages manually or use the website.

The HTTP parser got a 3rd-party code review which resulted in
some cleanups and one insignificant bugfix as a result.

Additionally, the HTTP parser compiles, runs and passes unit
tests under Rubinius.  The pure-Ruby parts still do not work yet
and we currently lack the resources/interest to pursue this
further but help will be gladly accepted.

The website now has an Atom feed for new release announcements.
Those unfamiliar with Atom or HTTP may finger
for the latest announcements.

Eric Wong (53):
      README: update with current version
      http: cleanup and avoid potential signedness warning
      http: clarify the setting of the actual header in the hash
      http: switch to macros for bitflag handling
      http: refactor keepalive tracking to functions
      http: use explicit elses for readability
      http: remove needless goto
      http: extra assertion when advancing p manually
      http: verbose assertions
      http: NIL_P(var) instead of var == Qnil
      http: rb_gc_mark already ignores immediates
      http: ignore Host: continuation lines with absolute URIs
      doc/SIGNALS: fix the no-longer-true bit about socket options
      "encoding: binary" comments for all sources (1.9)
      http_response: don't "rescue nil" for body.close
      CONTRIBUTORS: fix capitalization for why
      http: support Rubies without the OBJ_FROZEN macro
      http: define OFFT2NUM macro on Rubies without it
      http: no-op rb_str_modify() for Rubies without it
      http: compile with -fPIC
      http: use rb_str_{update,flush} if available
      http: create a new string buffer on empty values
      Update documentation for Rubinius support status
      http: cleanup assertion for memoized header strings
      http: add #endif comment labels where appropriate
      Add .mailmap file for "git shortlog" and other tools
      Update Manifest with mailmap
      Fix comment about speculative accept()
      SIGNALS: use "Unicorn" when referring to the web server
      Add new Documentation section for manpages
      test_exec: add extra tests for HUP and preload_app
      socket_helper: (FreeBSD) don't freeze the accept filter constant
      Avoid freezing objects that don't benefit from it
      SIGHUP no longer drops lone, default listener
      doc: generate ChangeLog and NEWS file for RDoc
      Remove Echoe and roll our own packaging/release...
      unicorn_rails: close parentheses in help message
      launchers: deprecate ambiguous -P/--p* switches
      man1/unicorn: avoid unnecessary emphasis
      Add unicorn_rails(1) manpage
      Documentation: don't force --rsyncable flag with gzip(1)
      Simplify and standardize manpages build/install
      GNUmakefile: package .tgz includes all generated files
      doc: begin integration of HTML manpages into RDoc
      Update TODO
      html: add Atom feeds
      doc: latest news is available through finger
      NEWS.atom: file timestamp matches latest entry
      pandoc needs the standalone switch for manpages
      man1/unicorn: split out RACK ENVIRONMENT section
      man1/unicorn_rails: fix unescaped underscore
      NEWS.atom.xml only lists the first 10 entries
      unicorn 0.92.0


unicorn 0.10.3r
Removes the Rev monkey patch, rev 0.3.0 is out now so we can
just depend on that instead of monkey patching it.  Experimental
HTTP keepalive/pipelining support has arrived as well.

Three features from mainline Unicorn are now working again with
this branch:

* Deadlocked workers can be detected by the master and nuked
* multiple (TCP) listeners per process
* graceful shutdown

This (pre-)release does NOT feature HTTP/0.9 support that
Unicorn 0.91.0 had, expect that when this branch is ready for
merging with mainline.


unicorn 0.91.0
18 years too late, Unicorn finally gets HTTP/0.9 support
as HTTP was implemented in 1991.

Eric Wong (16):
      Documentation updates
      examples/echo: "Expect:" value is case-insensitive
      http: make strings independent before modification
      http: support for multi-line HTTP headers
      tee_input: fix rdoc
      unicorn_http: "fix" const warning
      http: extension-methods allow any tokens
      http: support for simple HTTP/0.9 GET requests
      test_http_parser_ng: fix failing HTTP/0.9 test case
      launcher: defer daemonized redirects until config is read
      test to ensure stderr goes *somewhere* when daemonized
      http: add HttpParser#headers? method
      Support HTTP/0.9 entity-body-only responses
      Redirect files in binary mode
      unicorn 0.91.0


unicorn v0.10.2r --rainbows
Two botched releases in one day, hopefully this is the last...

Eric Wong (3):
      rainbows: monkey-patch Rev::TCPListener for now
      rainbows: make the embedded SHA1 app Rack::Lint-safe
      unicorn 0.10.2r
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