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CICT Online

Source code of the CICT official website.

Master Build =>
Netlify Status

Development Build =>
Netlify Status


Help us develop our website! If you found a bug or you want to contribute, please submit an issue, contact the faculty or email your concern at Student contributions are welcome!

Contributing to its Development


If you are a UI/UX designer, you may help us by improving the base design or proposing your own. Any design tool is accepted.


We are currently using a simple design for fast deployment. If you are interested in the new design, you may head up to the proposed on aka CICT Next, please check this Figma link. You may also email the maintainer to gain editing access to the design.


  • Illustrators are also welcome! You can create drawings that can be utilized for our page. We are still composing the guidelines for the illustrations but you may post an issue for early submissions. Currently, the illustrations are added by kit-bashing assets from free online illustration providers (e.g.Undraw, ManyPixels, etc...).
  • For animators, we are now using the Rive animation tool.



Contributing to the code may require you to use a GitHub account and knowledge of using Git. Please visit this git tutorial to learn more.

  • This website follows the JAMstack architecture focusing on ReactJS as the UI framework. By using Git as a single source of truth, and Netlify for continuous deployment, and CDN distribution.

  • To begin, head on to the issues tab and look for a task that you want to help.

  • Fork the base code and resolve the issue.

  • Submit a pull request and await for approval.


You can also help build our website in other ways like submitting articles, spelling / grammar fixes, white space and formatting changes. You may post an issue for your intent to contribute.


  • Redesign the landing page.
  • Add Light and Dark mode.
  • Add Rive animations to the graphic assets.
  • Improve page responsiveness.
  • About Page (Used Medium Page)
  • Students Page (Student's Works) Design
  • Admission Page Design for Applicants
  • Faculty & Staff Page Design
  • CICT Online Forms and Registration
  • Code Cleanup
  • Tools and Resources Page
  • Omni Updates Section (Medium Blog, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Footer Section
  • Credits in About Page
  • Integrate Tracer Study App
  • Use Ant Design UI
  • Restore Faculty and Staff Page


  • Geek mode: Implement a geeky way to browse the website DOS Mode, Terminal Mode or Window Mode
  • Learning Management System / e-Class
  • Student/Alumni Support Page
  • CICT Online Forum
  • CICT Spotlight
  • Matching, Placement and Career Support


CSS Purge

The build system uses PurgeCSS to reduce the CSS file size. It is recommended that when you are developing, see to it that the purge option in the config file is set to false to avoid missing styles issues.


We specially want to recognize the following for helping us develop and maintain our website:

  • WVSU MIS Office - Official University Subdomain
  • CICT PTA - Domain and App Store Funding
  • Regin C. Cabacas - Hosting & Domain Manager
  • Shem Durst Elijah B. Sandig - Content Review
  • ICON Publication - Content Management
  • Link.exe - Photos & Videos
  • Nouriel John Cariño - Official CICT Mascot
  • Wilson Olivier C. Gazer - Volunteer Animator
  • Nina Ricci Marie Benite - Code Contributor
  • Anelie Decomotan - Code Contributor
  • Mark Anthony Lumbao - Code Contributor


© 2016-Present, College of Information and Communications Technology, West Visayas State University. Licensed under an Apache-2 license.


Source code of the CICT official website.



Code of conduct





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