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CodeLab: Mobile App Development Exercises

All exercises in the CodeLab: Mobile App Dev course are designed to test understanding of concepts from various Lynda.com video series. This document is a mapping of the Lynda courses utilized in this course and the corresponding exercises as well as miscellaneous notes.

Foundations of Programming: Fundamentals (Javascript)

The other chapters in this series are required but do not have corresponding exercises.

Objective-C Essential Training

  • Chapter 2: Hello World
  • Chapter 3: Fever, PIN Guess (Skip section on Obj-C functions)
  • Chapter 4: Only watch "Data types in Objective-C", "Using chars and BOOL", "Understanding Variable Scope", "Using string objects"
  • Chapter 5: Methods
  • Chapter 7: Blank, Objective Me
  • Chapter 8: Skip "Working with C-style arrays", Attendance, Welp

###iOS App Development Essential Training