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This is going to be a temperature monitor inspired by this Homebrew Temperature Monitor/Controller project ( and and also the Heater Meter (  The first milestone is to build a temperature monitor thing that reads temperature from Maverick probes and displays them on an LCD with stats and stuff.  The second milestone is to adjust the temperature somehow (?).

I'm just a Java programmer with no electronics hardware experience.  Plus, I haven't written anything with pointers in years.  So the code may be terrible, inefficient.

There is a Fritzing schematic that shows the current state of the build.

Parts List
* Arduino Uno 5V
* 3x Switchcraft TR2A Rev E 2.5mm jack
* 2x 22k resistor
* 1x 10k resistor
* 3x Probes: Maverick ET-7 (food), Maverick ET-732 (pit), Polder (food)
* 16x2 Basic LCD (from SparkFun)

* The Fritizing schematic shows a 3.5mm jack instead of a 2.5mm jack.  The 2.5mm jack (Switchcraft TR2A Rev E) has three connectors: #1 tip terminal, #2 shunt terminal, #3 sleeve terminal.  The #1 tip goes to the VCC/voltage divider and #3 sleeve terminal goes to ground.  I found that there is no need to wire the shunt terminal.

* The R calculation can be different depending on how you wire the voltage divider for probe reading.  Mine is wired: VCC -> fixed resistor -> A0 -> tip terminal of 2.5mm jack.

* Using a Kill-a-Watt, when connected to a 12V/3A power supply, it draws in 0.02A.