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Vagrant Virtual Machine for Mock Builder
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A Virtual Machine for Mock Builder


This project automates the setup of a development environment for working with Mock Builder.

How to install

  1. Install VirtualBox * Install v4.3.24 or greater.
  2. Install Vagrant * Install v1.7.2 or greater.
  3. Install Vagrant Triggers by running: * vagrant plugin install vagrant-triggers
  4. If you dont have the Sites and slate_themes folders, run the following otherwise skip this step: * cd ~ && mkdir Sites && cd ~/Sites/ && mkdir slate_themes
  5. Next we have to build the Mock Builder virtual machine. Building the virtual machine is easy: bash cd ~/Sites/ && git clone cd mock-builder-vm vagrant up
* **NOTE:** The first time you run `vagrant up`, it may take 5-30 minutes to build the virtual machine. On subsequent `vagrant up`'s it will only take a few seconds.
  1. Visit localhost:2000 in the browser at to access your Slate themes.

If the build fails run vagrant provision until it completes. If you have continue to have issues, open an issue.


To be ran from the /mock-builder-vm/ directory

vagrant up              # Start Mock Builder
vagrant halt            # Stop Mock Builder
vagrant mock update   # Update Mock Builder
vagrant status          # Is the VM running?

Mac/Linux Alias

If you would like to have aliases for the above command add the following to your .bash_profile, .bashrc, or .profile in your user root directory.

alias mock-start="cd ~/Sites/mock-builder-vm && vagrant up"
alias mock-stop="cd ~/Sites/mock-builder-vm && vagrant halt"
alias mock-update="cd ~/Sites/mock-builder-vm && vagrant mock-builder update"

Other Notes

Truth be told, you don't actually need a Sites folder—we simply include it for consistency. To get Mock Builder working, the mock-builder-vm and slate_themes directories must be on the same level, like so:

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