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Experimental bindings and C client library for 4store by
Copyright 2009 William Waites <>. Distributed
as with 4store under terms of the GNU GPL v3. See the file 
COPYING for details.

The main branch of 4store only has support for one client
process at a time. This means you cannot import data or run
the http server at the same time as using these python bindings.
The branch at has support
for multiple clients but should be considered to be 
bleeding edge code.

Building this package requires Cython from 

You need version 0.12 of greater of Cython, the version you
get with pip or easy_install is fine, the version you get
with apt on debian/ubuntu is too old. This means doing 

	pip install cython

	- or -

	easy_install cython

See the directory tests for some examples of usage. They can
be run with

	nosetests --verbosity=2 -s

Make sure you have an instance of the 4store backend running
serving a KB called py4s_test.