Installing Py4s

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  1. Install RDFlib either the release or SVN version will do
  2. Install Cython version 0.12 – beware that the debian/ubuntu packaged version is too old
    easy_install cython
    pip install cython
  3. Install the latest version of Raptor and Rasqal from Redland – with the usual method of installing source packages if your operating system does not include recent enough versions
    ./configure && make && make install
  4. Make sure when installing Rasqal to configure using ‘—enable-query-languages=sparql rdql laqrs’
  5. Get the latest 4store from or from — the latter supports multiple simultaneous clients, but is very new
  6. Configure and build as normal:
    ~/src/4store$ ./configure && make && make test
  7. Install and optionally create a test triplestore:
    ~/src/4store$ 4s-backend-setup py4s_test ; 4s-backend py4s_test
  8. Build the Py4s bindings:
    ~/src/py4s$ python build
  9. Install in the normal way:
    ~/src/py4s$ python install
  10. Run the tests:
    ~/src/py4s$ nosetests -v -s

Note that though Py4s is distributed on the cheeseshop, easy_install cannot be used because it
requires the presence of the 4store sources in order to build.