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Cylindrical Printer

The early ugly prototype was built during June and July 2014 and was the one on which I made my first successful 3D print, an octohedral shape made with green SubGPlus from MakerJuice. This was my proof to myself that I had a good enough handle on the basic principles to invest more time and energy.

Picture of octohedron

The design has evolved over time. I wanted to keep it kind of steampunk-ish with lots of gears and widgets, but still simple enough to build that it could be accomplished by a horribly bad craftsperson like myself.

While I've been doing this, I've been blogging and occasionally posting Youtube videos.

If you decide you want to build one of these (and by all means, please feel free), you should think of this information as a starting point. I don't have the bandwidth to offer much more than encouragement beyond what I've posted online. Be prepared to experiment. Don't be too surprised if it takes more time, money, and stamina than you expected. Don't get too attached to any clever approaches to anything, you may find you need to abandon them to progress further.