A script to sort facebook's exported chats
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#Facebook Message Sorter

This is a little script I built to yank apart Facebook's awful message importer into legible threads.

It's still in early development and being tested, so be gentle.

##Sample Output

Conversation with Vlad Dankelovich:

Conversation on Tuesday, April  7, 2015:
  Olya Kovalenko (Tuesday, April  7, 2015 at 09:42pm EDT):
      Vladski! Am of best well to doings! All good, not of die in planecrash-strand.
  Vlad Dankelovich (Tuesday, April  7, 2015 at 09:43pm EDT):
      Olya, is goodness to of hearings. Am soon to visit of Amerikas. You are of stay in house friends Jozef?
  Olya Kovalenko (Tuesday, April  7, 2015 at 09:43pm EDT):
      Ja, Vlad! Am stay in houses Jozefs. When you are of visit?
  Vlad Dankelovich (Tuesday, April  7, 2015 at 09:44pm EDT):
      Much of apology, this cannot I say. Is confidential, da?


This application requires Ruby to run. Ruby is preinstalled on OS X, but you might need to grab it yourself on Linux or Windows.

First, enter the gem directory and run

bundle install

Specify a path or drop your messages.htm file from the facebook download into the gem root directory and run with

./FbMessageSorter [optional directory]


Facebook Message Sorter v0.5
Copyright Wesley Boynton, 2015
Released under GNU LGPL (http://opensource.org/licenses/LGPL-3.0)
Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook Inc. and I don't own any of their stuff, yo