A little ruby script to allow yourself access to a site once per day.
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Wdf is this

Faceblock is a cute little script I made for my girlfriend to mess with her hosts file and allow access to a set of websites only once per day, for some amount of time. It works on OSX and probably Linux.

For example, for thirty minutes per day, you can use facebook and buzzfeed. After that time, they will become re-blocked and you'll have to go back to your dull, nonmagical real-world life of studying and being social with actual breathing people in the same room as you.

Running the app the first time will stick the block in place. Removal...is not yet a feature (oops)

Circumventing this isn't hard. It's not really supposed to work anything like SelfControl and attempt some kind of airtight-ness. It just makes loafing around a really conscious decision.

This is still a five-minute beta project with bugs and stuff. I'll add important features like being able to undo the thing later probably. I'll probably also spice it up and add a precompiled binary, and maybe windows compatibility.

Adding sites

The sites.yml file should be pretty obvious. That's where you add sites to block.

This sucks

Steve Lambert is a pretty cool guy who made a much more strict, overbearing, motherly app that will do the inverse of this kind of thing (block for a certain amount of time, rather than allow for a certain amount of time).

Check out SelfControl if you want something nice that wasn't written at 5am in a couple minutes.