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@wwiv wwiv released this Jan 1, 2017

We are happy to announce WWIV 5.2 is available as the stable release of
WWIV BBS for Linux and Windows. WWIV 5.2 is the 2nd major release after the long-awaited 5.0 release last year, and in addition to native WWIVnet support (no more DOS dependencies) on all platforms, supports alpha-quality native Fido Technology Networking (FTN) Support.

System Requirements:

Win32: Windows 7 or later. Use 32-bit windows if you want to run DOS doors.
Linux: Debian8 is the base image we prefer, but anything newer than that should work. We build with GCC 4.9.2.

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Main Web Site

Upgrade notes.

Please run INIT to update any datafiles to 5.2 format. (Don't worry, they'll still work in 5.1)

New programs

  • networkf - Part of the net52 stack to support FTN import/export
  • networkc - Cleans up the network, runs network {1,2,3} as needed.

New Features

  • wwiv-server - Will now run networkb on-demand for inbound binkp connections. No need to run networkb in a batch file loop anymore.
  • networkb - supports CRC verification for sending and receiving files.
  • networkb - now connects to binkd, mis, and argus for FTN networking support.
  • wwivutil - new commands message pack and files are available
  • bbs - We now have a full-screen message reader, users can enable in Defaults.

Other Notable Changes

For the full list of changes, please see whatsnew.txt included with the bbs or read it online

Thank you,

The WWIV 5.2 Community.

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