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WWIV 5.3.1 Release

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@wwiv wwiv released this 09 Jul 14:06

We are happy to announce WWIV 5.3.1 is available as the stable release of
WWIV BBS for Linux and Windows. WWIV 5.3 is the 3rd major release after the long-awaited 5.0 release and in addition to native WWIVnet support (no more DOS dependencies) on all platforms, supports beta-quality native Fido Technology Networking (FTN) Support.

System Requirements:

Win32: Windows 7 or later. Use 32-bit windows if you want to run DOS doors.
Linux: Debian8, Debian9 and Centos7 (with devtoolset-4) are the base images we prefer, but anything newer than that should work. We build with GCC 4.9.2 through 7.x.

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Upgrade notes.

Please note that init has been renamed to wwivconfig in 5.3.

Please run wwivconfig to update any datafiles to 5.2 format. (Don't worry, they'll still work in 5.1)

Changes since 5.3

  • Fixes the dialog to create sysop account (bug #1127)

New Features

  • wwivd- Replaces wwivserver and is consistent on all platforms.

  • wwivd now offers fakemailer mode and is now has (mostly) feature parity
    with wwivserver.exe on windows. wwivserver.exe is deprecated
    with the 5.3 release and will be removed for 5.4

  • INIT has been renamed to WWIVCONFIG. Please delete init.exe or
    ./init when you upgrade to 5.3

  • wwivutil dump will now display control characters (like [^A]
    for control-A)

  • wwivconfig has some new parameters for how it works with 4.x
    WWIV installs. --4xx will launch a menu with only the items
    that work with 4.x (like wwivd editor and network.json editor)
    run "wwivconfig --help" for the latest list of command-line parameters.

  • **!!!!*! You need to update the outbound sub by recreating the
    network node it's under in subedit (J, then M, then the letter, usually
    A, then retype the echo tag, or just edit data/subs.json and replace
    32675 with 32765 everywhere prettymuch (it's under host section))

  • WWIVbasic interpreter is available. The menu command is
    "RUNBASIC". Also you can run a script from the logon event
    by using @basic:[scriptname.bas] for the LOGON_CMD in wwiv.ini
    (eventually many other commands will allow you to specify a
    script to run instead of an external command).

  • subs.json is now the source of truth for subs data (before, subs.dat
    and subs.xtr were both used as source of truth, although subs.json has
    been written on save since 5.2)

  • Removed internal menueditor, use the one in init if needed.

  • handling type main_type_sub_list is implemented now, so receiving
    SUBS.LST from netup for WWIVnet type networks should work in net53.

  • Removed internal usereditor, use the one in init if needed.

  • WWIVd now exports connection information to HTTP as a JSON object.
    on the http port defined on init, URL: "/status"
    Example output:
    { "status": [ { "num_instances" : 3 }, { "used_instances": 0 } ] }

  • Added %I when running commands to point to the path to the temporary
  • BinkP Fix (thanks apam) where all FTN addresses were not being presented
    when answering.
  • CMake is now the source-of-truth build system on all platforms.
    to build use "cmake --build . -- -j8" and not make or msbuild

For the full list of changes, please see whatsnew.txt included with the bbs or read it online

Thank you,

The WWIV 5.3 Community.