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WWIV 5.5 GA Release (5.5.1)

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@wwiv wwiv released this 03 Nov 03:59
· 1 commit to wwiv55 since this release

We are happy to announce a GA release of WWIV 5.5 is available as the stable release
of WWIV BBS for Linux and Windows as version 5.51

WWIV 5.5 is the 5th major release after the long-awaited 5.0 release and in addition to native
WWIVnet support (no more DOS dependencies) on all platforms, supports native Fido Technology
Networking (FTN) Support.

System Requirements:

Win32: Windows 7 or later using MS Visual C++ 2019 Community Edition.
Linux: GCC 8.3 (or later) on (Debian10, Centos7 with SCL, or Ubuntu)
CMake 3.13 or newer

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Main Web Site

Upgrade notes.

Please run wwivconfig to update any data files to 5.5 format.

Changes since 5.5.0 (prerelease)

  • Fix age display in newuser login.
  • Always add MSGID, even on netmails (#1295)
  • Fix crash with subs list and only 1 conference. (#1292)
  • Fix crash when deleting a tagged file (#1282)
  • Don't check for hangup on the network programs, user isn't online
  • Remove WSL stanzas, that makes MSVC 16.6 and newer unhappy (#1268)
  • Fix script for unix. (#1261, #1262)
  • Fix formatting for non-full screen reader (#1250)
  • Fix Disconnect on linux while in STDIO door does not exit (#1293)
  • Don't allow filenames >8chars to save to 4.22 format. (#1306)

New Features

  • Merge pull request (#1204). You can now have a LOGOFF and CLEANUP command
    in WWIV.INI to execute at logoff time, or post-logoff time to perform
    any necessry post-user cleanup.
  • Initial cut of wwivutil net send command:
    This command will send the last few posts to another system. The
    command line arguments are modeled closely from those used by AUTOSEND.
  • Use _ and not - in flag names for consistency
  • Added --start-date and --end-date to wwivutil messages dump
  • has been renamed to since with the cmake
    Ninja generator is multi-config so the config is only used when
    invoking cmake --build, not during generation time. Updated the build
    scripts and documentation to reflect this.
  • Documented for debian installations. This makes it
    easy to install the requirements to compile wwiv.
  • File transfers now work on case sensitive file systems. Please make sure
    that all of the files in the file transfer section have filename in lower
    case on disk.
  • The WWIV SDK now includes support for file areas, file lists, and dsz
    log file parsing (minimal).
  • Log files from the unit tests are now under ${TEMP}/wwiv_test_out by
    default and not ${TEMP}
  • wwivutil files list will now also display extended file descriptions
    in addition to short ones.
  • wwivutil files delete will also delete extended descriptions.
  • TIC support for receiving files from FTN networks is now available. To
    use this feature and set a default TIC directory to receive tic files into
    and then enable TIC processing in wwivconfig for your FTN network
    and then edit the directories to specify the correct "FTN Area Tag" for
    the allfix file echo tag name. After that networkc should automatically
    move the files into the WWIV file areas specified.
  • Removed ArchiveMenu and TempExtract menu commands. Please remove these
    from your menus if you have them.
  • "bbs -o" will not list the available menu commands for WWIV's menu editor.
    menu.txt is now generated from the BBS output.
    bbs -oc will group by category (once tagged), and bbs -om (or -ocm) will
    output the text in markdown format.
  • wwivutil fix dirs actually works now.
  • Transfer area can now list file sizes by MB or GB in addition to KB
  • Removed FAST_SEARCH from wwiv.ini. We always use it
  • Removed EXTRA_COLOR from wwiv.ini, it was not used.
  • Support multiple tic areas per file area.
  • Don't call out from the BBS WFC automatically anymore. WWIVD handles callouts
  • Added script used to create links to built binaries.
  • added "wwivutil files tic validate" comman
  • Numerous FTN network usability improvements
    • Stopped allowing network type changes in wwivconfig.
    • When creating a new network in wwivconfig, ask for type before creating
      the network.
    • When creating new ftn area, set packet archiver to zip by default
    • Pre-create directories for fido types
    • run network3 once so that the directory is setup. Maybe also add it
      to networkc to check
    • When adding a network to a sub, ask for the host and then automatically
      add it to the subscriber's file.
    • Don't add msgid to emails
    • Don't add failed crc32 entries to the dupe database
    • Don't add emails to the dupe database
  • Added SDK code to list archives for arc, zip, lzh, and arj.
  • Added new command "wwivutil files arc cmd", that will display
    the commandlines used for manipulating archives.
  • Also added new command "wwivutil files arc view" to display
    the contents of any supported archive format.
  • Use internal arc viewer when arc view command is "@internal"
  • Added "ARC" archive type by default to WWIV. Delete data/archiver.dat
    then re-run wwivconfig and visit the archiver page to recreate your
    default archiver.dat.
  • The Internal FSED is now available for use.
    To disable this, please set INTERNAL_FSED=N in WWIV.INI
    The previous WWIV.INI setting of "EXPERIMENTAL_FSED_USERS"
    is not longer used.
    For a user to enable it, they should go to (D)efaults
    and under "(9) Message Editor" select the option for:
    "A. Internal full-screen editor"
  • Added a help file (FSED.MSG) for the internal full screen
    message editor. Please add it to your wwiv install under
    the gfiles/ directory.
  • Last IP Address for a user is now saved with the user record and displayed
    at logon time in lilo.
  • Added "WWIVUTIL ACS" command to validate ACS expressions and also execute
    them against users to test the result. (This will be a feature in a future
    WWIV release)
  • Updated menu commands in extract post, please copy over MEXTRACT.MSG from to your GFILES directory.
  • default wwivd port to 23 on windows (#1251)
  • Enable full screen reader for sysop and users with ansi by default. (#1252)
  • Enable full screen editor for sysop and users with ansi by default. (#1252)
  • Bundle netfoss with the install (#1253)

Major changes

  • fix crash renaming conference key in ConfEdit
  • WWIV now requires GCC 8.3 or later and MSVC 2019 v16.3 or later.
  • WWIV now builds on Debian10, Windows 10 and Centos7 (soon to add Centos8)
  • Fixed //QWK from crashing
  • Fixed inputting WWIV registration number in (D)efaults (#1205)
  • Fix crash saving email when you have no networks defined
  • Internal ZModem performance is 5-10x faster.
  • Fixed archive types other than ZIP in QWK. Now you can use any supported
    archive type.
  • Convert QBBS editor text from Fido format to WWIV. This fixes a few issued
    with QBBS style editors and control lines.
  • Lots of fixes around handling botched conferences.