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WWIV 5.6 Preview release

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@wwiv wwiv released this 20 Jan 06:24
· 610 commits to main since this release

We are happy to announce a prerelease (aka release candidate, tech preview) of WWIV 5.6 is available
as the stable release of WWIV BBS for Linux and Windows.

WWIV 5.6 is the 6th major release after the long-awaited 5.0 release and in addition to native
WWIVnet support (no more DOS dependencies) on all platforms, supports native Fido Technology
Networking (FTN) Support.

System Requirements:

Win32: Windows 7 or later using MS Visual C++ 2019 Community Edition.
Linux: GCC 8.3 (or later) on (Debian10, Centos7 with SCL, or Ubuntu 20.04)
CMake 3.13 or newer

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Main Web Site

Upgrade notes.

Please run wwivconfig to update any data files to 5.5 format.
Many changes have been made to datafiles in this release, feedback from the upgrade process is welcome.

New Features/Changes

What's New in WWIV 5.6 (2020)

+ Remove WSL stanzas, that makes MSVC 16.6 and newer unhappy (#1268)
* Update instance.dat when a node exits. 
+ Implemented WWIVfsed. WWIV's internal FSED as an external.
! Arguments on linux must start with '-'' and not '/', this is also
  how standard arguments work on Linux.  Windows still accepts arguments
  either like "/N" or "-N". (#1273)
* Don't throw an exception when no dirs are visible. (#1276)
+ Support for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS has been added. (#1264)
+ dd email address to useredit in wwivconfig. (#1258)
! Removed InternetEmail menu command, it didn't work without PPP project 
  for sending internet emails.  Also the rest of the BBS doesn't use 
  acct.ini anymore.
* Fix crash with subs list and only 1 conference.
+ Fix TO handling in the SDK. Setting the TO name will now either
  add FidoAddr for FTN subs, or BY: lines into the message text.
+ Added MessageOptions::add_re_and_by_line to add the RE: and BY: lines to 
  the message like WWIV does when you reply to a post since 4.22. (#1285)
* BinkP: Wait to send password until we have the remote address. (#1289)
* Updated to CryptLib v3.4.5 with SSH fixes (#1288)
* Don't use default "%z" for tzutc klduge (Fixes TZUTC bug with positive TZ)
! Move wwivutil messages list to wwivutil subs areas.
* Fix crash when deleting a tagged file. (#1282)
* fixed , not working from WFC
+ Add wwivfsed to the wwiv archive. (#1275)
+ Implement a max_backups setting in the bbs. (#1278)
+ add netdat support to network stack
+ Set Uploaded By: to WWIV TIC Processor (#1279)
+ Add setting in wwivd for working directory for launch the bbs (#1269)
* Don't check for hangup on the network programs, user isn't online
* Improve pending list.
* new WWIVbasic packages:
** wwiv.time
! Fix netdat.log formatting and don't delete old ones, just move them
  to the logs directory.
+ Add new option for wwivd to launch network and bbs minimized
* Don't allow filenames >8chars to save to 4.22 format.
+ Initial rough cut of importer.
  Here's how it works:
  * Create import.ini file with default values for the subs
    that will be created from importing them from a
    BACKBONE.NA file.
  * Run "wwivutil subs import" to do the import.

  Example Command Line:
  wwivutil subs import --defaults=import.ini FSXNET.NA

  Example import.ini
  post_acs = >= 20
  read_acs = >= 10
  maxmsgs = 5000
  net_num = 2
  uplink = 21:2/100
* Rebuild names.lst on useredit changes.
* Reset the SIGCHLD signal handler on networkc and networkf.(#1297)
+ Support USER data in addition to GLOBAL in wwivbasic. (#1296)
* Fix Disconnect on linux while in STDIO door does not exit (#1293)
* Always add MSGID, even on netmails (#1295)
* Fix age display in newuser login.
+ Update subs and dirs to use ACS
* Fix crash with subs list and only 1 conference. (#1292)
* Validate FTN Address against nodelist when sending emails (#1232)
! Some WWIVbasic packages may be selectively enabled and disabled,
  by default and wwiv.os will be disabled. Please use
  wwivconfig (menu item R for Scripting Config) to enable these.
+ For those writing unit tests for WWIVbasic, added macros 
  ASSERT.NE in WWIVbasic
+ Added the WWIV.OS package (not enabled by default in WWIVconfig)
+ Initial start of WWIV 5.6 style menus.  These are JSON vs. binary
  on disk, and support multiple actions to be invoked per menu
  command, also on entry and exit.
+ ACS Improvements:
  * Added user.sysop, user.cosysop meta values.
  * Implemented previously documented user.regnum
  * Added variables true, false with values as you expect.
* Require cosysop for netdatlog (#1291)
* Fix net.log date format. (#1307)
* Introduce a SubDialog class to use for all SubDialogs in wwivconfig.
  * This allows fixing the inconsistent key handling that exists
      with pressing escape after exiting the dialog.
  * This allows fixing the inconsistent experience where some dialogs
    auto-open when cursoring over them (unexpectedly), while others
    properly wait for an ENTER keypress.
* Fixed A couple of quirks with netdat.log
+ Implement "(F)ind text" in the full screen message reader
+ update fs msg reader help text to include (F)ind
+ Add SYSTEM_BPS to wwiv.ini to emulate a BPS for displaying files.
+ Add --bps option to wwivutil print
  This emulates a bps rate when displaying the file.
* Fixed numerous issues in the conference system.
  conference list is now stored in data/conference.json
  conference bindings is stored with subs and dirs.
* UI for editing conference binding has been improved and is now also 
  available from subedit and diredit.
* Fix Ar checking when one side is empty. (#1310)
+ More work on BPS and pause control
    * Added pause=[on|off|start|end] to printfile menu command
    * This works with printfile_random too.
    * Added bps=<bps> to printfile menu command
    * Changed system_bps to impact all of the BBS, and not just
      the file printing.
+ Experimental start of |{xxx} expression support.
  So far here's what we have:
    |{set pause=on}
    |{set pause=off}
    |{set lines=0}
  Feedback welcome, the syntax is still in flux, trying to see what
  works well and can grow in the future and still make sense.
+ Convert wwiv heart and user color pipe code to standard pipe code when
  sending the message as an FTN message (#1235)
* fix crash with wwivconfig --initialize
* Attempt to fix netmail issues with points. (#1312)
  * Add TOPT and FMPT kludge lines into netmail.
  * Don't include the point number in INTL kludge lines
+ Ask if still wants to send ftn netmail when node doesn't exist. (#1232)
+ Add ability to copy menu to a new name in wwivconfig menu editor
+ Added integrated support for NetFoss. (#1257)
  Here's how to use it:
  * Download netfoss and unzip it to \wwiv\netfoss (assuming that \wwiv is
    where wwiv is installed).  if you want it in some other directory you can
    use the wwiv.ini directive NETFOSS_DIR to pick a different location.
  * Edit a chain, adn change the exec mode to "Integrated NetFOSS"
    F) Exec Mode:     Integrated NetFOSS

    That's it, you do not need to edit the commandline to specify a path to
    the NF.BAT file, nor edit it for your environment. WWIV will create a
    nf.bat in the node's temp directory every time it invokes a chain or
    editor using the integrated netfoss support. WWIV will execute:
    "nf.bat <commandline entered>"
* Don't let mouse movement freeze console.
+ Use UTF-8 for local display (#881)
  WWIV always outputs local text using UTF-8 now on all platforms, if you
  had previously changed your codepage for your terminal app to IBM850
  or IBM437 or Windows-1252 please change it back to UTF-8 which is the
  default.  This doesn't affect what is sent over the socket to remote 
  users, just the local display.
+ Added Option for Windows doors to use console codepage OEM437 (#1313)
! QWK menu is now it's own menu.  You should update the main menu to
  call cmd: "MENU" data: "qwk", and copy over the qwk menu and prompt
  from the in the distribution.  also data/qwk.cfg can be
  safely deleted once you see qwk.json has been created when you use
  the sysop menu or qwk door.
  There are several new menu commands for handling QWK, so you can 
  embed them into other menus:
    qwk_upload, qwk_download, qwk_user_config, and qwk_sysop_config
* Also refreshed the default menus and prompts to use pipe macro codes
  and wwiv color pipe codes vs. standard color codes.
* QWK: Fixed email conference numer from being wrong whenyou have other 
* QWK use wwiv file io everywhere vs POSIX IO calls.
* preopen subs for mail packing and subslist.
  (This gives us a 10-20x speedup on both)
+ added qwk defaults as (N) to defaults
* Update GFiles, Network packet configs, and qwk config. (#1315) (#1316)
* Switch install location to /opt/wwiv in 5.6 for unix (#1263)
* Fixed min_k setting for FTN network auto callout
+ Added ability to preview menu in wwivconfig
+ Moved bbslist into it's own menu (bbslist)  (#405)
+ Validate ACS and display errors in wwivconfig.
  Currently only the menu editor has ACS expressions that are
  editable in wwivconfig, but the framework is in place should
  others arise in the future
* Fix mmkey for file areas. (#1323)
* don't wait for key when checking if there is a key (#1324)
* Fixed issue where logging in and there's less than 2 subs, wwiv will 
  crash. (#1325)
+ Adds a wwivutil email command similar to wwivutil messages. (#1329)
  It can dump, add and delete emails.
! config.dat has been replaced with config.json.  wwivconfig will 
  automatically upgrade to this new file.  networking utils and wwivutil will
  work with either.
* Now binkp will log "RECV" messages too and not just send.
* BinkP is quicker to notice the other side has disconnected and respond.  
* Better handling of status.dat, making it less likely to get corrupt.
+ Added help for ACS expressions in the places where WWIV prompts for the
  sysop to enter one for access control. (#1333)
+ Send SSM's to sysop when receiving files from wwivnet (like net37)
+ Added new "wwivutil instance" command for displaying instance
* Finish instance SDK class and use it in the BBS (#1335)
* Fix Color description messed up in defaults for color 4 #(1340)
* In defaults move (4) to a new line of it's own (#1341)
* More fixes and work on internal zmodem.  Fixed uploads with either one
  or more IAC codes embedded in the file.