WWIV 5.4 Release Plans

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Now that we’re considering wrapping up 5.3, it’s time to start working on planning for 5.4. Please note that these are aspiration goals, and mainly pointing the rough direction that the release will take, but could change based on the needs of the community.

Like 5.3, 5.4 will be a continuation of the same ideas from 5.2


5.1 saw the birth of net51 which was unexpected, however that actually fit nicely with the goal of improving WWIVnet and gets it closer to being viable across platforms and for the internet era.


5.2 Added FTN networking support in an Alpha quality and also completed the basics of the MSGAPI for WWIV type-2 message bases. In 5.2 NetworkB also learned how to talk to pure BinkP servers and is considered BinkP 1.0 compatible, and no longer just “binkp-ish”.


5.3 made FTN usable for day-to-day operations for non-hub systems. WWIVD was also created to replace wwiv-server and the BBS runs solidly on Linux on one of 3 linux platforms WWIV produces builds for. Finally the BBS now integrates scripting support with it's own BASIC interpreter.

Main Themes in 5.4

  • Create plan for public/private key support in net52 (it’s ignored in net51)
  • Complete FTN support so it's very usable for non-hub setups.
  • Improve Linux Support so it’s a first class platform in all respects.
  • Continue to improve code quality, clean up old code, etc.
  • Improve test coverage, especially for networking code.
  • Internet Protocol Support (get NNTP support a first class citizen in WWIV)

Here is the Query for 5.3 targeted bugs

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