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Guide For Front-end Developers

This project is based on gitbook service to organize and share front-end knowledges. It is a guide to help front-end freshman to learning front-end knowledges, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js etc. What's more, some advanced topics will also be discussed in this project, such as React, Koa etc. In order to improve the quality of knowledge points, lots of relevant links will be given for you to reference.

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Learning Tips

For freshman, we suggests:

Learn the actual underlying technologies, before learning abstractions. Don't learn jQuery, learn the DOM. Don't learn SASS, learn CSS. Don't learn HAML, learn HTML. Don't learn CoffeeScript, learn JavaScript. Don't learn Handlebars, learn JavaScript ES6 templates. Don't just use Bootstrap, learn UI patterns. When getting your start, you should fear most things that conceal complexity. -- Kyle Simpson

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本项目作为一份前端学习的指南,内容主要包括前端学习所包括的主要知识,例如HTML、CSS、JavaScript等基础内容, 还包括一些前端高级技术,例如常用的前端框架等。

本项目已经重构为 Gitbook 免费书籍,后续会对整体内容进行重新整理。


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