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Starter Bootstrap Dokuwiki Template

Bootstrap Dokuwiki template based on the starter template.


This template is designed to be responsive on all modern devices, accessible, and good looking. It aims to replace most of the default Dokuwiki styling with equivalents from available Bootstrap styles.

Created by Cameron Little for WWU ResTek.


  • Insert table toolbar button.
  • Viewing, editing, and detail pages styled with bootstrap.
  • Auto generating wiki sidebar (use "automatic" in sidebar configurationt).
  • Collapsible sidebar bootstrap menu.
  • Collapsible table of contents.
  • Bootstrappy support for acronyms, quicksearch, and more.
  • Sorttable built in.
  • Built in layout configuration.
  • Image/Logo support in navigation/header.

Logo Support

The theme looks for a brand.png or brand.jpg file in the root of the dokuwiki install and displays it if found. You can override this in the header_img template setting. The template settings contain fields for setting the vertical padding and height of the logo image. By default, the theme displays both the logo and title of the wiki. The header_title option can be used to display only the logo.


Since dokuwiki (Rincewind) uses jQuery 1.6 and bootstrap uses jQuery 1.9, this theme has to use both. jQuery should be used instead of $ when referencing jQuery 1.6 and jQNew should be used when referencing 1.9. This is enabled using $.noConflict(true).


The css for this file is included, but to really hack and change it, you'll want to check out how it's generated.

I've forked bootstrap in order to more efficiently integrate bootstrap with dokuwiki. Unfortunately, dokuwiki's support for modifying html in templates is very poor, so I can't add the proper css classes where I want them. Instead, I've added the proper selectors directly into bootstrap's less. For most stuff, see the less/dokuwiki folder. For everything, compare my branch to the main repo.

If you do decide to work on the less, you can still run grunt, and should still be able to build everything. The Gruntfile has been modified to build into starterbootstrap's js and css directories and use jQNew.


The following list contains sites using this template or a fork of it. Raise an issue or contact me if you'd like to be added to this list.