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This is a module intended to be integrated into the Burris Builder stack. This project is currently undergoing private invites for developers interested in building on Amazon Web Services.

Burris Builder simplifies and focuses the building of websites and infrastructure on Amazon Web Services for web developers and designers. It simplifies the construction and management of hosting your websites on AWS by building boiler plate infrastructure for you, then providing point and click GUIs to perform otherwise complex tasks.

A script turns any size AWS Linux into a LEMP-A (Linux, Nginx, MySQL, PHP and Apache) stack, with serveral utilities installed, including a Drupal installation on port 90 with this series of modules installed.

More comprehensive information on purpose, software installation, configurations and tutorials on using the entire stack may be found at

Point and Click Host Building

After logging in, you create storage dedicated to the website you will create and the MySQL RDS database you would like to start building on. You may also use existing infrastructure which you have created and import any websites you have created.

Create any sized storage you like, up to 20TB. Burris builders will provision, format, attach and mount the drive. Then, attach nginx and apache configuration files as well as adjust FSTAB to make sure everything recovers as expected upon reboot. You may also use drives which already have Burris built websites and import them to your new server; making transfers to client or test instances simple. Create a new EBS volume or use an existing one

Create a new RDS instance or use an existing one. Burris Builder will create Security Groups and a Subnet if appropriate options do not exist, and even create a Drupal or CMS optimized option group for you. Create a new RDS volume or

Building a Website

Once you have setup your database and storage, visit your Burris Builder home page, and click the Add Website button. You may build Drupal websites, WordPress websites as well as provide a Git address to clone or simply build a blank website ready for you to write whatever you like.

Build a Website

A minimal amount of settings are needed to create a site. You may flesh out additional options if you want the control. Options for Dev, Stage or Live sites determine cache and log settings optimal for either development or performance production websites.

Add a Drupal website

Burris Builder takes care of Route 53 for handling domains, writing configuration files for nginx, building WebDav for file access along with an assortment of other details. You can start using your site in a few minutes or less.

This panels offers a variety of functions, including the ability to add your own CloudFront CDN with a couple of clicks.

Manage your new website.

For more complete information on building your own Burris Builder server, visit