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26 May 21:21
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Fixes freezing in 1.0.4


02 Mar 02:24
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  • Initial support for RNGing square shiny in Gen 8
  • A Pokemon is square shiny if TSV = PSV (shiny) and TRV = PRV
  • Definition of TRV (Trainer Residual Value, or you can call it TSSV: Trainer square shiny value)
    • TRV is the last 4 bits of TID xor SID, a value between 0 and 15 and it can be presented in a one-digit hex number
    • TRV = (TID ^ SID) & 0xF
    • TID ^ SID = (TSV << 4) | TRV. TRV is independant of TSV
  • How to get your TRV
    • Check your TID and SID again. Run script here
    • In Gen 7, find your in-game 6 digits ID and TSV. Run script here. You may get at most two possible results.
    • Use updated Battle Video tool (KeyBV) to dump the trainer info
    • As always, NTR Helper will update the TRV for you


19 Apr 00:52
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  • Improved Tiny Timeline Tool
    • Added Pokeradar patches RNG
    • Added Auto-Calibration for soaring advance type
    • Added XY ID RNG timeline method
    • Added ORAS Kyogre/Groudon timeline method for Sync
    • Allowed custom encounter rate of FS
    • Fixed crash of TTT context menu
  • Allowed "odd" delay method for wormhole Zapdos
  • Added Unown (ORAS), Minior (Gen7) form RNG
  • Renamed profile file
  • Fixed Crabrawler gender generation
  • Fixed slow gen6 stationary timeline generation in mainform
  • Reduced reseeding lag of OneClick function
  • Misc cleanup


25 Mar 03:40
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  • Updated Gen7 initial seed APIs
  • Added TID/SID combo search for Mystery Gifts renaming
  • Reworked Gen6 TinyMT timeline stuffs
    • Improved TinyMT timeline calculation performance
    • Fixed Gen6 Synchronize results
    • Fixed Rock Smash method
    • Added normal wild template
    • Added White/Black Flute effect in ORAS
    • More features are working in progress
  • Improved translation method


17 Mar 02:25
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  • Added Gen7 ambush encounters RNG

  • Added timeline leap calculator for stationary and event (PCalc only)

    • Efficiency was improved from 30 spreads per second to 630+ possible spreads per second!
    • Including menu method, especially for Xurkitree and Nihilego.
    • Added Gen6 frame advance column for odd/even
  • Added SOS RNG UI tweaks

  • Fixed WonderCards reading


17 Feb 21:45
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  • Added SOS RNG
  • Unlocked partner cap Pikachu shininess
  • Updated USUM 1.2 wifi patch
  • Added fishing item slots info
  • Allow customized clock image (Format: \Clock_XX.jpg)
  • Added random berry table from berry piles
  • Fixed several wormhole delay calculation
  • Simplified Gen6 synchro check (maximum memory intensity required)


05 Jan 22:19
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  • Added Misc RNG Tool for
    • Customized RNG:
      Roto Loto RNG (Random % 11, Delay = 0)
      Vending machine RNG (Random % 64, Delay = 4)
    • Pokerus RNG (Unstable)
    • Festival Plaza facility RNG
    • Battle Tree trainer RNG
    • Capture RNG (WIP)
  • More stable G7 ID bot
  • Added shiny frames reminder for gen7 MM/SC eggs
  • Fixed G7 fishing RNG inaccurate timewindow
  • Added effects of abilities that change wild pkm level
  • Added G6 party leader's ability effect


26 Dec 04:18
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  • Added fishing RNG calculation for CFWless users
  • Fixed Suction Cups behavior
  • Show ability name in filters
  • Implemented outside-of-battle effects of following Abilities:
    • Cute Charm
    • Static
    • Magnet Pull


16 Dec 22:24
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  • Added fishing RNG for Shiny and Gold Bottle Cap!
  • More possible results can be searched in +-100 Frames Mode
  • Increased ID Bot rubustness and speed
  • Updated NTR Helper for USUM v1.1
  • Fixed Rayquaza and Route 2 default NPC count
  • More tips texts
  • Several tweaks for transporter


09 Dec 05:02
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  • Added profile manager. Thanks @Sotam
  • Better performance for CFWless User
    • QR searching gets a huge speed boost
    • When change eggs current status, move target frame number correspondingly as well.
    • Misc UI changes
    • Xurkitree first encouter method (placeholder & not working)
  • Added TSV finder from battle videos (idea based off KeyBV)
  • Updated translations. Thanks to several users
  • Fixed UB rate glitch