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RAD tool for wxWidgets GUI design
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wxFormBuilder Build Status

Download Binaries

Install From Source

Windows (MSYS2)

Install MSYS2 and run the following inside a MinGW 32 bit shell:

pacman -S --needed mingw-w64-i686-wxWidgets git make mingw-w64-i686-binutils mingw-w64-i686-gcc mingw-w64-i686-boost
git clone --recursive --depth=1
cd wxFormBuilder
cmd.exe /C "create_build_files4.bat --wx-root=/mingw32/bin --force-wx-config --disable-mediactrl"
ln -s /mingw32/include/binutils/bfd.h /mingw32/include/bfd.h
ln -s /mingw32/include/binutils/symcat.h /mingw32/include/symcat.h
ln -s /mingw32/lib/binutils/libbfd.a /mingw32/lib/libbfd.a
ln -s /mingw32/lib/binutils/libiberty.a /mingw32/lib/libiberty.a
cd build/3.0/gmake
sed 's!\$(LDFLAGS) \$(RESOURCES) \$(ARCH) \$(LIBS)!\$(LIBS) \$(LDFLAGS) \$(RESOURCES) \$(ARCH)!g' *.make -i
sed 's!-lbfd!-lbfd -lz!g' *.make -i
make config=release


cd ../../../output/


Pre-requisites for Ubuntu:

sudo apt install libwxgtk3.0-dev libwxgtk-media3.0-dev meson

Pre-requisites for Arch Linux:

sudo pacman -Syu --needed meson wxgtk2

Build and run:

git clone --recursive --depth=1
cd wxFormBuilder
meson _build --prefix $PWD/_install
ninja -C _build install


Pre-requisites for macOS can be installed via Homebrew:

brew install wxmac boost dylibbundler make

Note: Building with Xcode currently does not work without issues (see issue #247). Therefore it is recommended to build with GNU make like as described below:

git clone --recursive --depth=1
cd wxFormBuilder
cd build/3.0/gmake
make config=release


cd ../../../output/
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