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Add additional header symlinks for win32 build

win32 builds complain about missing headers for bfd_stdint.h and
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fotocyte authored and fotocyte committed Dec 16, 2019
1 parent 69f38f8 commit 518ac5bc0c6f2c6dd0580e92acfcedc14b6c6e9b
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@@ -16,6 +16,8 @@ git clone --recursive --depth=1
cd wxFormBuilder
cmd.exe /C "create_build_files4.bat --wx-root=/mingw32/bin --force-wx-config --disable-mediactrl"
ln -s /mingw32/include/binutils/bfd.h /mingw32/include/bfd.h
ln -s /mingw32/include/binutils/bfd_stdint.h /mingw32/include/bfd_stdint.h
ln -s /mingw32/include/binutils/diagnostics.h /mingw32/include/diagnostics.h
ln -s /mingw32/include/binutils/symcat.h /mingw32/include/symcat.h
ln -s /mingw32/lib/binutils/libbfd.a /mingw32/lib/libbfd.a
ln -s /mingw32/lib/binutils/libiberty.a /mingw32/lib/libiberty.a

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