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@@ -650,6 +650,30 @@ wxPython for compatibility, but with a zero value. You can just stop using it
in your code with no change in behavior.

Parameter name changes in radial gradient methods

The parameter names for the ``wx.GraphicsContext`` methods for creating radial
gradients have changed in wxPython 4.1 to be a little more understandable. If
you are passing these values via their keyword names then you will need to
change your code. The prior C++ method signatures looked like this::

virtual wxGraphicsBrush
CreateRadialGradientBrush(wxDouble xo, wxDouble yo,
wxDouble xc, wxDouble yc,
wxDouble radius,
const wxGraphicsGradientStops& stops);

And they now look like this::

virtual wxGraphicsBrush
CreateRadialGradientBrush(wxDouble startX, wxDouble startY,
wxDouble endX, wxDouble endY,
wxDouble radius,
const wxGraphicsGradientStops& stops,
const wxGraphicsMatrix& matrix = wxNullGraphicsMatrix);

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