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We need to set the start and stop colors on the gradients. That's what

causes it to fill the areas before the start and after the end of the gradient.
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RobinD42 committed Jul 31, 2019
1 parent de49597 commit 43370db47f5adc9ca076a46d798b6bf7bf4a1cc4
Showing with 8 additions and 13 deletions.
  1. +8 −13 wx/svg/
@@ -64,17 +64,8 @@ def RenderToGC(self, ctx, scale=None, size=None, translate=(0.0, 0.0)):
subpath = self._makeSubPath(ctx, svg_path)

# Draw the combined set of paths.
# If the fill is a radial gradient then first draw the fill with the
# outer color, to ensure that the total area of the shape is filled.
# NOTE: if there are transparencies infolved here then this solution
# is probably wrong.
if shape.fill.type == SVG_PAINT_RADIAL_GRADIENT:
color = wx.Colour(*self._getGradientColors(shape.fill.gradient)[-1])
ctx.FillPath(path, rule)

# Now fill and stroke the shape with the given pen and brush
# Draw the combined set of paths, using the given pen and brush to
# fill and stroke the shape.
ctx.DrawPath(path, rule)
@@ -99,8 +90,12 @@ def _makeSubPath(self, ctx, svg_path):

def _makeGradientStops(self, gradient, prnt=False):
gcstops = wx.GraphicsGradientStops()
for stop in gradient.stops:
stops = [stop for stop in gradient.stops]
first = stops[0]
last = stops[-1]
gcstops = wx.GraphicsGradientStops(wx.Colour(*first.color_rgba),
for stop in stops:
if prnt:
print('stop: ', stop.offset, stop.color_rgba)
color = wx.Colour(*stop.color_rgba)

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