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Merge branch 'master' into add-wxsvg

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Robin Dunn
Robin Dunn committed Aug 8, 2019
2 parents e59d160 + cae89a5 commit 4d7466f059f48866ad1c113f6457c229186dac1c
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@@ -76,13 +76,11 @@ def run():
PyEditor = wx.deprecated(PGEditor, "Use PGEditor instead.")
PyEditorDialogAdapter = wx.deprecated(PGEditorDialogAdapter, "Use PGEditorDialogAdapter instead.")
PyEnumProperty = wx.deprecated(EnumProperty, "Use EnumProperty instead.")
PyFileDialogAdapter = wx.deprecated(PGFileDialogAdapter, "Use PGFileDialogAdapter instead.")
PyFileProperty = wx.deprecated(FileProperty, "Use FileProperty instead.")
PyFlagsProperty = wx.deprecated(FlagsProperty, "Use FlagsProperty instead.")
PyFloatProperty = wx.deprecated(FloatProperty, "Use FloatProperty instead.")
PyFontProperty = wx.deprecated(FontProperty, "Use FontProperty instead.")
PyIntProperty = wx.deprecated(IntProperty, "Use IntProperty instead.")
PyLongStringDialogAdapter = wx.deprecated(PGLongStringDialogAdapter, "Use PGLongStringDialogAdapter instead.")
PyLongStringProperty = wx.deprecated(LongStringProperty, "Use LongStringProperty instead.")
PyProperty = wx.deprecated(PGProperty, "Use PGProperty instead.")
PyStringProperty = wx.deprecated(StringProperty, "Use StringProperty instead.")

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