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Backports #1357

merged 49 commits into from Oct 24, 2019


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RobinD42 commented Sep 14, 2019

Cherry-pick and backport a bunch of changes on master to the wxPy-4.0.x branch. PRs included are:

RobinD42 and others added 30 commits May 29, 2019
Various fixes in wx.lib.calendar

(cherry picked from commit 56e6bd4)
Use a wx.Overlay in WIT on GTK3

(cherry picked from commit 2e9612a)
Install and use pathlib2 only for Python2

(cherry picked from commit d29f173)
Reduce dependency on cygwin

(cherry picked from commit 97c475a)
A few fixes from Jorge Moraleda

(cherry picked from commit aaf75b6)
Internalize backports

(cherry picked from commit acdd979)
We need scandir too

(cherry picked from commit 4d93f1d)
Fixes #1235: CustomTreeCtrl edit label remains stuck forever

(cherry picked from commit 4d336e1)
Switch to Azure pipelines

(cherry picked from commit 6dbf222)
Include SIP's license file too

(cherry picked from commit 05ad1ef)
Check if the interpreter still exists before trying to acquire the GIL

(cherry picked from commit 3aa44af)
Fix overlay crash

(cherry picked from commit de4d1d8)
Update dependency list in the README

(cherry picked from commit 1112ae3)
Fix typo in wx.StaticBoxSixer

(cherry picked from commit 773d8a8)
fix typo in auibar docstring

(cherry picked from commit f2d1890)
Ensure setup.h was found before trying to open it

(cherry picked from commit 0cb8297)

(cherry picked from commit 7f8a697)
Check for Python errors upon return from overloaded virtual methods

(cherry picked from commit 0e817ce)
Keep a reference to the data parameter in wxFindReplaceDialog ctor

(cherry picked from commit 034ae9a)
Remove tracking of application instance in wxPyApp

(cherry picked from commit 574049d)
Neurodroid's embedded sample PR plus a few changes of my own

(cherry picked from commit 3281530)
Update array MappedTypes

(cherry picked from commit ada50c2)
(cherry picked from commit af21485)
time.clock() is removed in Python 3.8

(cherry picked from commit 8d000c7)
Initialize the old value of IntCtrl to the default one

(cherry picked from commit 06d767d)
RobinD42 added 19 commits Oct 8, 2019
Explicitly set permissions of the files and folders in source tarball

(cherry picked from commit 4c3e429)
Fix numpy version to 1.16.1 for Python 2.7

(cherry picked from commit baaac1f)
Use the defined text color in a SuperToolTip

(cherry picked from commit bdaa489)
Preserve executable permission bits

(cherry picked from commit 526b5af)
Hypertreelist issue 1389

(cherry picked from commit bf2086e)
Update actual location of wx.gizmos.TreeListCtrl

(cherry picked from commit 930e23e)
Sphinx update

(cherry picked from commit 8261b58)
More sphinx tweaks

(cherry picked from commit 4d57791)
Changes needed for Python 3.8

(cherry picked from commit ec1600d)
Don't ignore UsesEventLoop

(cherry picked from commit e2eb035)
Also import the individual controlTypes constants as documented

(cherry picked from commit f2e8478)
Only decode the demo file content on Py2

(cherry picked from commit f3c25c6)
Attempts to enforce system settings in the demo page panel.

(cherry picked from commit 3ceead8)
Fix wx.FSFile

(cherry picked from commit c6a1bad)
Fix PopupMenu position

(cherry picked from commit 64863b9)
Handle a ValueError from locale.getlocale()

(cherry picked from commit 4353c7d)
Add an example of viewing html pages from a .zip file

(cherry picked from commit a5a31c9)
@RobinD42 RobinD42 merged commit a08a9e7 into wxPy-4.0.x Oct 24, 2019
0 of 13 checks passed
0 of 13 checks passed
wxWidgets.Phoenix (Linux CI Py27) Linux CI Py27 failed
wxWidgets.Phoenix (Linux CI Py36) Linux CI Py36 failed
wxWidgets.Phoenix (Linux CI Py37) Linux CI Py37 failed
wxWidgets.Phoenix (Linux CI Py38) Linux CI Py38 failed
wxWidgets.Phoenix (MacOS CI Py27) MacOS CI Py27 failed
wxWidgets.Phoenix (MacOS CI Py36) MacOS CI Py36 failed
wxWidgets.Phoenix (MacOS CI Py37) MacOS CI Py37 failed
wxWidgets.Phoenix (MacOS CI Py38) MacOS CI Py38 failed
wxWidgets.Phoenix (Windows CI Py36_x64) Windows CI Py36_x64 failed
wxWidgets.Phoenix (Windows CI Py36_x86) Windows CI Py36_x86 failed
wxWidgets.Phoenix (Windows CI Py37_x64) Windows CI Py37_x64 failed
wxWidgets.Phoenix (Windows CI Py37_x86) Windows CI Py37_x86 failed
@RobinD42 RobinD42 deleted the backports branch Oct 24, 2019
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