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#include "wx/wxprec.h"
#include "wx/stopwatch.h"
#include "wx/evtloop.h"
#include "wx/cppunit.h"
// Custom test macro that is only defined when wxUIActionSimulator is available
// this allows the tests that do not rely on it to run on platforms that don't
// support it.
// FIXME: And while OS X does support it, more or less, too many tests
// currently fail under it so disable all interactive tests there. They
// should, of course, be reenabled a.s.a.p.
#if wxUSE_UIACTIONSIMULATOR && !defined(__WXOSX__)
#define WXUISIM_TEST(test) CPPUNIT_TEST(test)
#define WXUISIM_TEST(test) (void)0
// define wxHAVE_U_ESCAPE if the compiler supports \uxxxx character constants
#if (defined(__VISUALC__) && (__VISUALC__ >= 1300)) || \
(defined(__GNUC__) && (__GNUC__ >= 3))
#define wxHAVE_U_ESCAPE
// and disable warning that using them results in with MSVC 8+
// universal-character-name encountered in source
#pragma warning(disable:4428)
// Define wxUSING_VC_CRT_IO when using MSVC CRT STDIO library as its standard
// functions give different results from glibc ones in several cases (of
// course, any code relying on this is not portable and probably won't work,
// i.e. will result in tests failures, with other platforms/compilers which
// should have checks for them added as well).
// Notice that MinGW uses VC CRT by default but may use its own printf()
// implementation if __USE_MINGW_ANSI_STDIO is defined. And finally also notice
// that testing for __USE_MINGW_ANSI_STDIO directly results in a warning with
// -Wundef if it involves an operation with undefined __MINGW_FEATURES__ so
// test for the latter too to avoid it.
#if defined(__VISUALC__) || \
(defined(__MINGW32__) && \
#define wxUSING_VC_CRT_IO
// thrown when assert fails in debug build
class TestAssertFailure
TestAssertFailure(const wxString& file,
int line,
const wxString& func,
const wxString& cond,
const wxString& msg)
: m_file(file),
const wxString m_file;
const int m_line;
const wxString m_func;
const wxString m_cond;
const wxString m_msg;
// macro to use for the functions which are supposed to fail an assertion
// some old cppunit versions don't define CPPUNIT_ASSERT_THROW so roll our
// own
{ \
bool throwsAssert = false; \
try { cond ; } \
catch ( const TestAssertFailure& ) { throwsAssert = true; } \
if ( !throwsAssert ) \
CPPUNIT_FAIL("expected assertion not generated"); \
// there are no assertions in this build so we can't do anything (we used
// to check that the condition failed but this didn't work well as in
// normal build with wxDEBUG_LEVEL != 0 we can pass something not
// evaluating to a bool at all but it then would fail to compile in
// wxDEBUG_LEVEL == 0 case, so just don't do anything at all now).
#define WX_ASSERT_EVENT_OCCURS(eventcounter, count) \
wxStopWatch sw; \
wxEventLoopBase* loop = wxEventLoopBase::GetActive(); \
while(eventcounter.GetCount() < count) \
{ \
if(sw.Time() < 100) \
loop->Dispatch(); \
else \
{ \
CPPUNIT_FAIL(wxString::Format("timeout reached with %d " \
"events received, %d expected", \
eventcounter.GetCount(), count).ToStdString()); \
break; \
} \
} \
eventcounter.Clear(); \
// these functions can be used to hook into wxApp event processing and are
// currently used by the events propagation test
typedef int (*FilterEventFunc)(wxEvent&);
typedef bool (*ProcessEventFunc)(wxEvent&);
extern void SetFilterEventFunc(FilterEventFunc func);
extern void SetProcessEventFunc(ProcessEventFunc func);
extern bool IsNetworkAvailable();
extern bool IsAutomaticTest();
// Helper class setting the locale to the given one for its lifetime.
class LocaleSetter
LocaleSetter(const char *loc) : m_locOld(setlocale(LC_ALL, loc)) { }
~LocaleSetter() { setlocale(LC_ALL, m_locOld); }
const char * const m_locOld;
// An even simpler helper for setting the locale to "C" one during its lifetime.
class CLocaleSetter : private LocaleSetter
CLocaleSetter() : LocaleSetter("C") { }
// Macro that can be used to register the test with the given name in both the
// global unnamed registry so that it is ran by default and a registry with the
// same name as this test to allow running just this test individually.
// Notice that the name shouldn't include the "TestCase" suffix, it's added
// automatically by this macro.
// Implementation note: CPPUNIT_TEST_SUITE_[NAMED_]REGISTRATION macros can't be
// used here because they both declare the variable with the same name (as the
// "unique" name they generate is based on the line number which is the same
// for both calls inside the macro), so we need to do it manually.
#define wxREGISTER_UNIT_TEST(name) \
static CPPUNIT_NS::AutoRegisterSuite< name##TestCase > \
CPPUNIT_MAKE_UNIQUE_NAME( autoRegisterRegistry__ ); \
static CPPUNIT_NS::AutoRegisterSuite< name##TestCase > \
CPPUNIT_MAKE_UNIQUE_NAME( autoRegisterNamedRegistry__ )(#name "TestCase")
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