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// Name: wx/stackwalk.h
// Purpose: wxStackWalker and related classes, common part
// Author: Vadim Zeitlin
// Modified by:
// Created: 2005-01-07
// RCS-ID: $Id$
// Copyright: (c) 2004 Vadim Zeitlin <>
// Licence: wxWindows licence
#ifndef _WX_STACKWALK_H_
#define _WX_STACKWALK_H_
#include "wx/defs.h"
class WXDLLIMPEXP_FWD_BASE wxStackFrame;
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// wxStackFrame: a single stack level
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
class WXDLLIMPEXP_BASE wxStackFrameBase
// put this inline function here so that it is defined before use
wxStackFrameBase *ConstCast() const
{ return const_cast<wxStackFrameBase *>(this); }
wxStackFrameBase(size_t level, void *address = NULL)
m_level = level;
m_line =
m_offset = 0;
m_address = address;
// get the level of this frame (deepest/innermost one is 0)
size_t GetLevel() const { return m_level; }
// return the address of this frame
void *GetAddress() const { return m_address; }
// return the unmangled (if possible) name of the function containing this
// frame
wxString GetName() const { ConstCast()->OnGetName(); return m_name; }
// return the instruction pointer offset from the start of the function
size_t GetOffset() const { ConstCast()->OnGetName(); return m_offset; }
// get the module this function belongs to (not always available)
wxString GetModule() const { ConstCast()->OnGetName(); return m_module; }
// return true if we have the filename and line number for this frame
bool HasSourceLocation() const { return !GetFileName().empty(); }
// return the name of the file containing this frame, empty if
// unavailable (typically because debug info is missing)
wxString GetFileName() const
{ ConstCast()->OnGetLocation(); return m_filename; }
// return the line number of this frame, 0 if unavailable
size_t GetLine() const { ConstCast()->OnGetLocation(); return m_line; }
// return the number of parameters of this function (may return 0 if we
// can't retrieve the parameters info even although the function does have
// parameters)
virtual size_t GetParamCount() const { return 0; }
// get the name, type and value (in text form) of the given parameter
// any pointer may be NULL
// return true if at least some values could be retrieved
virtual bool GetParam(size_t WXUNUSED(n),
wxString * WXUNUSED(type),
wxString * WXUNUSED(name),
wxString * WXUNUSED(value)) const
return false;
// although this class is not supposed to be used polymorphically, give it
// a virtual dtor to silence compiler warnings
virtual ~wxStackFrameBase() { }
// hooks for derived classes to initialize some fields on demand
virtual void OnGetName() { }
virtual void OnGetLocation() { }
// fields are protected, not private, so that OnGetXXX() could modify them
// directly
size_t m_level;
wxString m_name,
size_t m_line;
void *m_address;
size_t m_offset;
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// wxStackWalker: class for enumerating stack frames
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
class WXDLLIMPEXP_BASE wxStackWalkerBase
// ctor does nothing, use Walk() to walk the stack
wxStackWalkerBase() { }
// dtor does nothing neither but should be virtual
virtual ~wxStackWalkerBase() { }
// enumerate stack frames from the current location, skipping the initial
// number of them (this can be useful when Walk() is called from some known
// location and you don't want to see the first few frames anyhow; also
// notice that Walk() frame itself is not included if skip >= 1)
virtual void Walk(size_t skip = 1, size_t maxDepth = wxSTACKWALKER_MAX_DEPTH) = 0;
// enumerate stack frames from the location of uncaught exception
// this version can only be called from wxApp::OnFatalException()
virtual void WalkFromException(size_t maxDepth = wxSTACKWALKER_MAX_DEPTH) = 0;
// this function must be overrided to process the given frame
virtual void OnStackFrame(const wxStackFrame& frame) = 0;
#ifdef __WINDOWS__
#include "wx/msw/stackwalk.h"
#elif defined(__UNIX__)
#include "wx/unix/stackwalk.h"
#error "wxStackWalker is not supported, set wxUSE_STACKWALKER to 0"
#endif // _WX_STACKWALK_H_
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