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Clean before building using installed library in Travis CI

The minimal sample had been already built as part of "make samples", so clean
it before rebuilding it using the installed library version, otherwise we
never do anything in this step.
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1 parent c80440a commit f08305ae33f5c7ce832913315164db96dcf985c0 @vadz vadz committed Jan 7, 2017
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@@ -54,5 +54,6 @@ script:
- sudo make install
- echo -en 'travis_fold:end:script.install\\r'
- echo 'Testing installation...' && echo -en 'travis_fold:start:script.testinstall\\r'
+ - make -C samples/minimal -f makefile.unx clean
- make -C samples/minimal -f makefile.unx $wxMAKEFILE_FLAGS
- echo -en 'travis_fold:end:script.testinstall\\r'

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