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(Work in progress, help appreciated)

wxPHP stands for "wxWidgets for PHP" and it is a binding for the great cross-platform library wxWidgets used to develop GUI applications. The purpose is to bring all the facilities available on PHP as easyness of programming to assist on the development of cross-platform desktop applications. The syntax used is very similar to the one used on original implementation of wxWidgets C++, making it easier for people already familiar with the library.

Note: The old wiki can be found at, all articles on it should be ported to this one.

Using wxPHP

Building from source

In order to contribute to the project or help make packages for different distributions or operating systems you need to know first how to compile wxPHP.


wxPHP Class Reference

To know which wxWidget components or classes are enabled on the wxPHP binding visit the reference pages this pages will be updated (regenerated) each time new classes are available to wxPHP.

wxWidgets Documentation

To learn more about wxWidgets visit the official documentation pages

PHP Documentation

For reference and documentation of the PHP programming language visit

Other documentation

Beginners Tutorial - Procedural programming style using wxPHP by Dave Kimble