Gui binding utility

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wxPHP source code comes with a GUI interface developed in wxPHP itself where you can select the class methods that are going to be enabled on the extension. This script could be found under tools/source_maker/class_selector with the name selector.php. You need to have a working wxPHP installation in order to use it. Just execute the following on the root directory of wxPHP:

php tools/source_maker/class_selector/selector.php

You should see a window like the following:

wxPHP GUI Binding Utility

The script gets all the class definitions from the full_classes_set.json which is found on the same directory which is a copy of classes.json file generated by the json_generator.php script. This tool creates a new json file named classes.json under the class_selector directory with the manually selected class methods to bind in the extension.

After you finish making the changes you want, save them and copy the classes.json file from tools/source_maker/class_selector to the root json directory. Now you are ready to regenerate the code for compilation with your new changes.

Note: you may also use the script on the root source directory of wxPHP to automate the process.

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