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Welcome to the documentation for node-haxball, the most powerful API to interact with Haxball.

Flash Features
- Can run everywhere. (browsers, node.js, NW.js, electron, etc.)
- Create rooms in normal/headless modes.
  - Change received event message contents before processing.
  - Create fake events.
  - CustomEvents.
  - Fake room properties.
- Join rooms.
- Render the game to a canvas.
  - Open source customizable renderer.
  - Ready-to-use mouse wheel zoom, pan, etc.
  - "Layer" mechanism.
  - Coordinate transformations.
- Stadium query functions.
  - Find all stadium objects at a given pixel/stadium coordinate.
- Replay reader/writer.
- Sandbox mode.
  - Implemented physics engine abilities:
    - Slow down, speed up, freeze.
    - Step by step mode.
    - Take snapshot / go to snapshot.
  - Insert/update/delete all kinds of stadium objects using mouse while the engine is active.
  - Update all stadium properties while the engine is active.
- Collision events.
- Bugs fixed:
  - Camera bug.
  - Load stadium bug.
- Language support.
- Error codes.
- Ability to update renderer/plugin/roomConfigs on the fly.
- Ability to use custom backend server and/or proxy server.
- Lots of example plugins:
  - controlOtherPlayers.
  - autoPlayDefensive.
  - balanceTeams.
  - opMode/anti-opMode.
- Lots of web examples:
  - complete and open-source Haxball frontend with every feature working.
  - complete and open-source replay viewer.
  - complete and open-source sandbox mode.
  - multi-join rooms.
- and more...

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